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"Anybody who's listened to this program regularly knows what an admirer I am of the Catholic Church, and particularly Pope John Paul II. I've been to the Vatican more than anyplace else outside this country in the world. I am mesmerized by it."

"Football hasn't changed. It's the same as it's always been. We're just turning in. It's the chickification of things. We're going soft. Nothing against women. I mean, it's actually a compliment in a way."

"What's happening is, the bottom is falling out of Obamacare. He's losing women. He's losing the Millennials. Nobody -- I don't care what kind of numbers they give you, nobody is signing up anywhere near in the numbers necessary to keep this thing going.
It's an absolute disaster."

"Just 36 hours ago, the Republicans were the great friends of the poor trying to make sure they didn't get left out of Obamacare, or health care. Thirty-six hours later, Republicans hate women again, Republicans hate the poor, Obama once again has the high ground, and we shift from debating the absolute disaster of the entire Obama agenda to what a great compassionate guy Obama is, all of a sudden now concerned about income inequality and the minimum wage."

"Obama's gonna play Santa Claus with the minimum wage. He's got no successes to brag about. He cannot talk about a robust job market. In fact, the very fact he's talking about the minimum wage is evidence there is no robust job market."

"I think the fact that Obama didn't meet with Sebelius is the only evidence anybody needs that he really doesn't care in a compassionate sense about people."

"Capitalism is what made the United States the world's really only and lone superpower, and it's under assault, like every tradition and institution that is part of America's greatness is under assault."

"The idea that nobody's been fighting poverty? We've been running a War on Poverty in this country since the sixties, and we're losing it, because we're not doing anything about it. We're simply transferring income. We're not teaching people how to elevate themselves."

"So the pope comes out against the growing inequality, and a week later, here comes the president of the United States out there talking about income inequality. Just a little too cute."


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