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CNN Calls Vatican for Comment on Rush... Nelson Mandela Was No Robert Mugabe... Media Connects Clintons and Mandela... 17% of Marriages in Washington State are Same Sex... One-Third of Bank Tellers on Public Assistance.. Obama Allows Windmills to Kill Eagles..

Admiring Mandela's Lack of Resentment

RUSH: There are very few people that could have undergone what he went through and maintained any sense of dignity or optimism.  Most people who had been through what Mandela went through would have spent the rest of their life enraged and bitter and angry and would have tried to get even. 

The Limbaugh Theorem is Cracking

RUSH: The Limbaugh Theorem is cracking -- and there is nobody happier about that than Limbaugh.  The Limbaugh Theorem was a frustrating thing.  I mean, it was an accurate explanation of how Obama escaped accountability, how he was not linked to any of his policies by the people affected by them, but that's apparently now cracking -- and, with all of these disapproval numbers mounting, 23 points he's lost with Latinos. 


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