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CNN Calls Vatican for Comment on Rush
RUSH: I'm the guy CNN International called the Vatican about yesterday.  You didn't know that?  CNN called the Vatican wanting a reaction.  The Vatican said no comment.  At the Vatican they probably said, "Who?" 

Anyway, CNN International called the Vatican wanting a reaction to the "attack" on Il Papa by El Rushbo, which wasn't an attack anyway.  I was amused.  (interruption) Snerdley is asking me, "What did CNN International think was gonna happen, that the pope was gonna get on the phone?"  No.  They called the Vatican press office.  I don't think they expected to get the pope, but I'm sure they wanted to get the press office. The press office at the Vatican might have had a statement or reaction either from the pope or from the office.

There was no comment. 

Nelson Mandela Was No Robert Mugabe
RUSH:  Robert Mugabe?  You don't want to talk about Robert Mugabe in the same sentence as Mandela. Let me just tell you something about Robert Mugabe.  Zimbabwe, Rhodesia.  Nelson Mandela would have been released from jail 10, 15 years earlier than he was if it hadn't been for Mugabe.  Jimmy Carter, the Carter Regime, put Mugabe in power, and the guy declared war on the whites in Rhodesia and destroyed the country, and there was fear that that was what Mandela would do if they let him out of jail.

Mugabe is as much responsible for Mandela, and by the time Mandela got out of jail, he didn't have any use for Mugabe whatever, it was a concern that thee needn't have had, but there was a fear that -- that there was some closeness.  Look, it's a little more conflicted than this -- no, somebody just said how can you talk about Mandela without talking about Mugabe.  I wouldn't sully Mandela's memory by associating him with Robert Mugabe in any way, shape, manner or form.

Look, you Google it. You go look it up.  The Carter Regime put Mugabe in there just like they got rid of the Shah.  I tell you, it was an utter disaster.  Mugabe was an angry, bitter. Even as recently as 10 years ago he was still nationalizing farms owned by whites when the other farms became dormant. He literally destroyed that country. (interruption) What are you frowning at?  What?  Angry, bitter, at war with...?

It does sound like some people we know, I know.  But I'm telling you, you find the right people to tell you the truth about it, the white government in South Africa was scared to death that that's what Mandela would do.  They saw what Mugabe was doing in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe -- and when Mandela finally got out, when they finally released him, he had nothing to do with Mugabe, thankfully. 

Media Connects Clintons and Mandela
RUSH: Obama's not the only one getting all the "He Knew Mandela" treatment.  CNN's now moved on to Hillary and her closeness to Mandela and how she wouldn'ta been what she is without Mandela and Mandela wouldn'ta been who he is without Hillary. 

Next they'll throw Bill in there. 

17% of Marriages in Washington State are Same Sex
RUSH: Do you know, by the way, folks, 17% of all marriages in the last year so in Washington are gay marriages?  Seventeen percent?  Pent-up demand, I'll say. Here it is.  "Gay Weddings Made up 17% of Marriages in Washington State This Past Year," the first year that gay marriages were legal.  It's a AP story out of Seattle. 

One-Third of Bank Tellers on Public Assistance
RUSH:  Get this, folks. This is economic news from CBS.  "One-Third of Bank Tellers Rely on Public Assistance."  Bank tellers! They get Medicaid, food stamps.  This is according to the financial industry employee advocacy group, research from University of California-Berkeley.  Bank tellers!  Who would have thought, one-third...? Didn't Obama claim that the ATM was a job killer?  Well, now we know.  Didn't he do that? 

Obama Allows Windmills to Kill Eagles

RUSH: Get this.  The Regime "is moving toward finalizing a rule that would give alternative energy farms a pass for killing bald and golden eagles for decades..." The Regime is close to finalizing a ruling for wind farms that will exempt them from any punishment for all of the eagles the windmills kill.  This from the environmental president.  So we could say that in order to save the environment, Obama must first destroy it. 

In the name of a hoax, manmade global warming -- a hoax -- taxpayers have shelled out billions of dollars to prop up so-called wind farms.  What a joke.  Wind farms as a replacement for fossil fuels, and these wind farms could also be called eagle-choppers now because you know the number of dead birds. (interruption) Well, they are.  Eagle choppers.  These eagles don't know.  They go flying through the air and have no idea. 

Their parents never told 'em about windmills because their parents never had to deal with windmills.  They're being slaughtered.  We've seen stories for years detailing the hundreds of thousands of birds that have been killed by wind turbines and so forth, and now the wind farmers have been granted an exemption, for decades.  The fact that the wind farms are killing the bald and golden eagles doesn't matter a hill of beans.

The green people are not upset about the eagles being killed by the windmills.  Now, they get sucked into a jet engine, we gotta ground the jets.  If Obama's motorcade runs over an eagle, as you said, we're not gonna ground Obama's motorcade.  If some hunter drives by and shoots one, we'll put the hunter in jail.  But if a windmill kills an eagle? Tough toenails for the eagle. 


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