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Wealth and American Exceptionalism

RUSH: Everybody in politics claims to want to get everybody out of poverty.  What's the opposite?  Wealth.  And what is often criticized by the left?  Wealth.  Wealth is one of the most misunderstood, mischaracterized states of being for a human being, because it's been bastardized by politics.  We want everybody to get out of poverty.  But then the escape from poverty is ripped to shreds by leftists and Democrats.  Wealth is a dirty word.  Wealthy is an even dirtier word.  Poverty is what's common.  The wealth, the standard of living produced by the economy of this country, again, is the exception.

The Pope Should Know Capitalism Fights Poverty

RUSH: That whole economic treatise that he wrote, folks, it was so distant from economic reality.  I mean, it really was juvenile, left-wing blog economics, which made me suspicious of the translation or of who actually wrote it.  I don't say this with any disrespect.  I have total respect for the Catholic Church, by the way.  That's another reason why the whole thing just bamboozled me.


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