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"If you want to know what the biggest thing in your way to an improved standard of living, higher pay, a more rewarding career is: Barack Obama and the Democrat Party and their economic policies. They are the roadblock."

"Do you know, folks, that you can keep your doctor after all if you're willing to pay more? That's from Zeke Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, who's one of the architects of Obamacare. And you can. If you're willing to pay more, you can keep your doctor, and nobody ever said anything else."

"Nelson Mandela. Yes, he was in prison 27 years. Do you know he was offered countless opportunities for release? He only had to do one thing: He had to renounce terrorism. That's all. Over the 27 years, if he would have renounced terrorism, they woulda let him out of prison. He didn't do it. He would not renounce terrorism. I'm not trying to step on anything today. I'm just passing on truthful information."

"Men looking at women is insulting. Men looking at women is part of War on Women. Men gazing at women objectifyes women, puts women down. This is real, and while this is ludicrous and it is in direct violation of God-created nature, these are liberals."

"If you find yourself staring, looking at, casually glancing at a woman, but you know that it's now socially taboo. You shouldn't be doing it, and you think everybody is noticing you doing it and condemning you in their minds. You shouldn't be doing it. So you walk up to the woman and say, 'Would you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?'"

"I'm just looking at my Health Care Stack. You know, folks, I have enough here, I have enough in this Health Care Stack to do the whole show on it."

"Saturday was Pearl Harbor Day, and Obama posted a picture of him standing outside, I think the Arizona memorial. Another selfie, picture of Obama in Nelson Mandela's jail cell, picture of Obama on the Rosa Parks bus in the very seat that she refused to move from."

"Obama lied over and over and told everybody for years that they could keep their doctor and keep their plan and that their premiums were going to come down by an average of $2,500. It was an all-encompassing lie."

"The vast majority of people who've lived, the vast majority of people who have walked the earth have been under the dictatorial control of some despotic type government or Regime. The US, the United States of America is the exception to that."

"Everybody in politics claims to want to get everybody out of poverty. What's the opposite? Wealth. And what is often criticized by the left? Wealth."

"So a guy dies and goes to heaven and says, 'God, why do you make women so beautiful?' God says, 'So that you will love them and have babies and perpetuate the race.' And then the guy asks, 'Why do you make them so dumb?' and God says, 'So that they will love you.' I love these stereotypical jokes. I mean, that's the mother of all sexist jokes"

"It's not capitalism that keeps people in poverty. It is capitalism that has allowed the vast majority of people living under it to escape it. It is governments. It's tyrannical leaders that keep people in poverty."

"I'm gonna tell you right now, the biggest obstacle to reducing income inequality is Barack Hussein Obama and his political party."

"If you compare charitable donations, you name it, religious tithing, giving, Americans trump citizens of the world hands down."

"The money keeping the stock market at 15,000, 16,000, the DJI, NASDAQ, same, is coming from the Federal Reserve. And if they stop pumping it and putting it in there, hello bubble."


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