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Great NFL Weekend

RUSH:  Man, what a weekend in the NFL, ladies and gentlemen.  What an amazing series of games yesterday.  In the Minnesota-Baltimore game, there were five touchdowns scored in the last two minutes.  Everybody thought the game was over four different times in the last two minutes.  But they've got a real problem with the officiating.  I mean, they've got some real problems with the officiating in the NFL. 


RUSH: And then those NFL games yesterday, I have to tell you, you people in Cleveland, you got robbed.  That pass interference, that phantom pass interference call.  These things happen, but that one determined the outcome of the game. That one guaranteed the Browns lose the game.  That's why.  And the call in Cincinnati on -- well, I don't want to go into 'em, but they've got a problem I think at the NFL, 'cause too many of these calls are in games that are really important this time of year and they are affecting the outcome, and it's not a good thing.

They're calling penalties on guys for helmet hits that are not helmet hits.  And they're calling phantom defensive holding on guys that are not defensive -- it's just a troubling thing.  But that game with the Ravens and the Vikings, those touchdowns in the last two minutes, you know, the average fan is gonna look at that game, "Why don't they do that the whole game? If you can score five touchdowns, two teams, five touchdowns in two minutes, why can't you do it the whole game?"  And it's a legitimate question.  There are answers to the question that are also legitimate. 

Mandela Refused to Denounce Terrorism to Get Out of Prison
RUSH: Oh, would you like a little trivia?  Nelson Mandela. Yes, he was in prison 27 years. Do you know he was offered countless opportunities for release?  He only had to do one thing:  He had to renounce terrorism.  That's all.  Over the 27 years, if he would have renounced terrorism, they woulda let him out of prison.  He didn't do it.  He would not renounce terrorism.  I'm not trying to step on anything today.  I'm just passing on truthful information.  The Reverend Jackson says that apartheid still exists the United States.  He did.  I got it right here.  The Reverend Jackson says apartheid is still happening in the United States. 

Maybe not skin-related apartheid, but certainly other aspects of apartheid still exist. 

Rodham-Gergen: Obama Regime Borders on Malfeasance
RUSH: Even David "Rodham" Gergen, when he heard that Obama had not met once in three years with Sebelius alone, she might have been in group meetings, he couldn't believe it.  He said, "That shows there's no one in charge at the White House."  He was astounded.  He said this on CNN.  He could not believe it. 

Now, he's obviously a Big Government guy and thinks that government people need to have hands on 24/7 if something's gonna work, but here's a story.  "A veteran Washington adviser who has worked for four Presidents on both sides of the political aisle said that the stunning Government Accountability Report that found President Barack Obama has not had a one-on-one meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius since the passage of Obamacare over three years ago is an indictment of the entire White House operation and shows that the Obama administration has bordered on 'malfeasance.'"
This is a guy who wants Obama to look good, has been doing everything he can to massage that for the past five years.  He says there's a serious case of malfeasance here.  The bottom line is, Mr. Gergen, Obama doesn't care.  I know you can't understand that.  That doesn't compute.  You can't get your arms around that.  He doesn't care about the day-to-day details of this, the problems.  He only cares about where this is gonna end up and that's socialized medicine.  That's all he cares about.  He doesn't care about the problems, the website, the pain and suffering, none of that matters.  He doesn't need to meet with Sebelius.  Who would want to meet with an idiot?  What's he gonna learn talking to her?  All he's gonna hear is problems.  He doesn't want hear about the problems.  Problems don't exist in Obama's world.  They always get papered over, somebody else deals with them.  Problems are not part of his world. 
Golf, college students at an audience, flying on Air Force One.  That's what matters.  He doesn't want to hear problems.  He doesn't know what to do about 'em anyway.  But the bottom line is, in his world, there aren't any problems, in anything he does.  And he doesn't want anybody else's mess to fix, so she's on her own.  He'll deal with it when it ends up where he wants it to be.


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