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AIDS Advocates Upset with Obamacare Drug  Package...  Global Warming? Earliest Sub-Zero Temp Since 1995... Wife's Shopping Drives Chinese Husband to Shoe-icide...  McCain Denounces Castro Handshake...

America in the Midst of a Great Plunge

RUSH: For those of you who are relatively young in the audience, you may find it hard to believe this, but there was a day not that long ago where -- I don't care what party he came from -- no president would join this collection of people, for whatever occasion going on in South Africa.  There was a day where the United States and its president would not deign to associate with the likes of some of the people on that stage... The president of the United States would not participate in any action or ceremony which caused the United States to shrink in self-respect, importance, size, what have you.  Not long ago, that would have been the case.  It's a different world now.  It's a changed world.

Obama's NSA Spies on Video Gamers

RUSH:  Hey, folks, you know, these little buddies of mine that I follow on the tech blogs?  They are livid.  They are so mad, they can't believe it.  When they found out that the NSA is targeting their video games and their computer games, that's it. It may be the last straw.

Why Did Mandela Go to Prison?

RUSH:  Look, folks, for what it's worth, Mandela was convicted of 196 acts of terrorism.  He never engaged in things that caused people to lose their life, but he did terrorize, sabotage government institutions, installations -- and, if he would have just renounced terrorism in those 27 years, he could have gotten out of prison.

Blue on Blue in San Francisco

RUSH:  I, frankly, love it.  Liberal versus liberal. Spy vs. spy.  This is stuff of Mad magazine.  Upset at wealth... I'm sure all of these people think of themselves as good liberals.  They're socially conscious. They're probably all for gay marriage. It's San Francisco. They're probably all devoted to human rights, civil rights, liberal rights, whatever else.  But some of them are really doing well financially, and that has become the focal point of rage and anger. 


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