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Attractive Kids Get Better Grades
RUSH: From Gawker: "A new study released this week purports to show that more attractive high-school students tend to make better grades."  Hot students do better.  Now, this gonna be a problem when we start making girls wear burqas to avoid being gazed at.  "Science has already proven that attractive people earn more, get more job interviews, and are generally just treated better by society. But the average among us --" and we average people know who we are "-- had at least some consolation that there existed at least one period in life when everyone was equally awkward."

High School.

"Alas, we must say goodbye to that myth. The new paper, which will be published on Friday, compared findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health with GPA data and found that, yes, the beautiful people have a distinct advantage."  They do better.  They get better grades. 

"The study that the attractiveness data comes from recorded all kinds of data on a set of teenagers during the 1994-95 school year and has followed up with them on a regular basis ever since. (That's right: in the 90s, you could get paid by rating the attractiveness of confidence-compromised adolescents.)"

Now, again, somebody has to sit in judgment of who's attractive and who isn't in order to do a study like this, and we don't know who that is.  Okay, so you say the attractive get better grades.  Well, who are the attractive?  Who is deciding that?  Is that universal?  For example, Snerdley and I, if we're just gazing at people, would Snerdley and I agree on everybody we look at attractive, unattractive, or would there be differences?  Well, now, the point is that somebody is sitting there in judgment of this, and we don't know who it is. 

Pew Study: Women Think There is Discrimination in Workplace, But It's Not Happening to Them
RUSH: "Young Women Say Sexism Happens, But Not to Them."  Now, this is one of those stories that is again going to require unique ability to analyze, and that would be me.  The story is from CNBC.com:  "Young Women Say Sexism Happens, But Not to Them." Young women in the workforce know that there is horrible and awful discrimination against women out there, but they do not report it in their own jobs.  And most do not experience it, they say.  So what does that tell you? 

Here you have a subset of women, a large subset of women studied by the Pew Research Center, by the way, and they say that "60 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 32 think that men earn more than women for the same work. More than half of millennial women also said it's easier for men to get top executive jobs in business and government."

But the report also found that a vast majority of women think that there is sexism all over the place, but it never happens to them.  So how can it be all over the place if it never happens to them?  What is the explanation for that?  Well, let me give you an analogy.  When we have Republican presidents, the media constantly reports either a bad economy or an economy on the verge of collapsing.  It's standard operating procedure.  A Republican in the White House and the news every day, every week will be either we're on the verge of economic collapse, or the economy has already collapsed. 

And yet they'll go out and talk to people, ask 'em how they're doing, "Oh, I'm fine.  Everything's cool.  In fact, never been better.  But I know there's a lot of suffering out there, there's a lot of people in pain.  I know the economy's not good, but I gotta tell you, I'm doing great." 

"Well, wait.  How can the economy be doing horribly, how can it be so bad, but you're okay?" 

"Well, I don't know, but it's okay for me.  But I'm reading it's really rotten out there.  I mean, we've gotta think about getting rid of this Republican president because the economy's really in the tank." 

"But you're doing okay?" 

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine." 

"What about your neighbors?" 

"Well, everybody I know is doing pretty well, but it says in the news that the economy really sucks." 

Well, so maybe what we have here is the same thing.  Maybe we have a media telling women multiple times a day, week, month, year, that there's sexism and discrimination and anti-women and a War on Women going on, and then you talk to the women individually, and they say they've never experienced it.  How can that be?  They think sexism's all over the place.  They think there's a War on Women.  But they have yet to be attacked.  Simple explanation.  People believe the lies and the BS that is supposedly the news every day.  It's not the news.  It's the agenda disguised, the liberal agenda disguised as news.

Dick Cheney: "Pretty Crappy" TIME List
RUSH: Dick Cheney was asked... Let's see, where was he?  He was on Neil Cavuto last week, before TIME Magazine had picked their Man of the Year. There was just a list of candidates out there, and Cavuto asked Cheney what he thought, and he said (summarized), "You know, I'm speechless. It's a pretty crappy list," and the people on the list at the time Cheney commented were Edward Snowden, Kathleen Sebelius, Bashar Assad, and Miley Cyrus. 

Those were the potential candidates for Man of the Year last Thursday, but then the pope entered the scene at the last minute. 

Tedy Bruschi Rips NFL's New Rules
RUSH: Tedy Bruschi, the former great linebacker for the New England Patriots, has ripped into the NFL for their new rules.  The great tight end for the Patriots, the Gronk, Ron Gronkowski was hit and totally blew out his knee Sunday afternoon the game against the Cleveland Browns, and the defensive back, T.J. Ward, who hit him, said (paraphrased), "Look, I'm going low because if we go high, we're gonna get penalized and fined, helmet-to-helmet stuff.  I'm not going anywhere near the head.  I'm not going anywhere above the waist." 

Bruschi "ripped the NFL’s crackdown on hits to the head [yesterday], predicting that knee injuries will become the new standard of ghastly injury in the NFL because of the way players have responded to the application of the new rules," claiming you can't use the crown of the helmet. No more helmet-to-helmet stuff. It's gotten so bad that shoulder to shoulder hits are being called helmet-to-helmet now.  The referees have been told, "Don't take any chances out there. 

"If anything looks like it's a helmet-to-helmet hit, you call it," and they're calling it, and the replay is showing that many of these -- not all of them, but many of them -- are shoulder to shoulder.  They're not helmet-to-helmet.  Players are frightened of being fined for helmet-to-helmet hits, so the new phenomena is going low. See, this is another example of dynamic versus static.  So here's the NFL. Concussions became the big thing we can't have anymore; it's horrible, it's rotten, it's bad. We can't have it. 

So rules change: No more helmet-to-helmet. It's not considered, "Well, what's gonna be the reaction to this?"  I mean, the defense still has to tackle people, they're gonna go low, and they're blowing out knees now.  Bruschi thinks there are gonna be so many knees -- and the Gronk's injury was pretty bad. It was a graphic thing to see, and the Gronk even suffered a concussion on the hit when his head hit the turf.  He wasn't even hit in the head.  Bruschi has a point. 

These guys... I don't care where the rules makers are, I don't care where you find it, but if they in any way tend to dictatorial or authoritarian, they have no concept of the dynamic response. Not in tax increase rules or any kind of rules -- economic rule, regulations. There are gonna be people that will find ways around it that will cause pain and suffering elsewhere that people don't consider, and then they throw up their hands, "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We never thought of this."  Well, it's too late now, and knee injuries in the NFL, they're just as devastating in the sense it can end a career with one hit.

I mean, they'll literally end a career. 

Obamacare Success! Three Times as Many Women are Getting Free Birth Control
RUSH:  Hey, folks, it's not all bad news for Obamacare. I kid you not.  Washington Post:  "Under Obamacare, nearly three times as many women are getting free birth control pills."  Obamacare is a roaring success in that sense.  Three times as many women are getting free birth control. 


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