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Couple Calls 911 Over McDonald's Hash Browns... Sports Media Trying to Run Shanahan Out of Washington...Google, Amazon Worried NSA Will Scare Customers Off of Clouds...

Gold Rush: DC Leads in Super Zips

RUSH: For the purposes of this story in the Washington Post, the super ZIP code is defined as a combination of per capita wealth and education...  The vast majority of the super ZIP codes in this country are in Washington, DC. If you stop and think about it, it makes total sense. That's where all the money goes.

Libs Hate the Pope, But They Hate Me More

RUSH: All of these people have been telling me, "They chose the pope because it's a thumb in your eye." There may be some people that support that contention, 'cause the pope, let's face it, disagrees with 95% of what all of these people hold dear, and yet they're siding with the pope.  Fascinating stuff. 


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