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Libs Hate the Pope, But They Hate Me More


RUSH: In the meantime, on the pope front, they discussed this at NPR yesterday.  Audio sound bite number one, Mr. Broadcast Engineer.  Yesterday on NPR's Tell Me More, Michel Martin, the hostette, formerly at ABC. I think it was ABC News, yeah.  She's now at NPR.  She spoke with National Catholic Reporter writer Michael Sean Winters about the pope's recent exhortation, the joy of the gospel and his criticism of trickle-down economics.  Michel Martin said, "How did you read both what the pope said and reactions to it based on the fact that you blog. You've got a very active kind of social media presence, and you're in the kind of stream of these conversations, Sean.  What do you think here?"

WINTERS:  Yeah, I mean, I'm actually grateful to Rush Limbaugh for voicing what I think a lot of Catholic conservatives are saying quietly and -- and over the tables, and I -- I -- unfortunately I include some bishops in that. I think some bishops have been quite outspoken or at least very grudging in their respect for this pope.

RUSH:  Wow.  That's an interesting new take on this.  People are privately happy that I'm the pioneer on this, carrying the water and accepting being hit with the arrows.  Privately, people are actually grateful to Rush Limbaugh for voicing this. Anyway, that is not the prevailing opinion with other guests on this program.  Also, has anybody ever heard there's a late-night comedy show called... What is it? That's it, Chelsea Lately.  It's on the E! Entertainment.  There was a comedian on there last night who hoped that I die and said he hopes the pope keeps speaking out.  Grab it.  Audio sound bite number four.  Why paraphrase it.  The comedian's name is Moshe Kasher.  He was on Chelsea Lately last night, and they're discussing the pope being the Person of the Year.

KASHER:  I think it's cool, actually. I think any pope that makes Rush Limbaugh, like, one blown artery closer to going to that great hometown buffet in the sky --

AUDIENCE: (laughter and applause)

KASHER: -- that's my kind of pope.

RUSH:  See?  I'm telling you, they love it. All of these people have been telling me, "They chose the pope because it's a thumb in your eye." There may be some people that support that contention, 'cause the pope, let's face it, disagrees with 95% of what all of these people hold dear, and yet they're siding with the pope.  Fascinating stuff. 



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