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Couple Calls 911 Over McDonald's Hash Browns
RUSH:  Well, folks, it's happened again out there.  And this time it's not in Florida.  This time it happened in Arizona.  A couple in Mesa, Arizona, been charged with assault and disorderly conduct after arguing with McDonald's employees and throwing food at 'em.  They went in there and they ordered hash browns, they didn't have any, so they called 911 and then started beating up the McDonald's people.  Why in the world would you call 911 when there aren't any hash browns?  What do they think this is, Port St. Lucie?  It's spreading, folks. 

Sports Media Trying to Run Shanahan Out of Washington
RUSH:The sports media is trying to run Mike Shanahan out of Washington.  This is the most amazing thing.  It has really been a study in the media culture to watch this unfold, and I've been watching it from day one. 

Google, Amazon Worried NSA Will Scare Customers Off of Clouds
RUSH: Now, the Google guys, Amazon, these people? You know, the people that have developed the so-called Cloud software business, Cloud storage -- which is just they own server farms and that's where your data is -- they're scared to death that the NSA and this spying is gonna frighten people away from cloud computing and storage and they're not gonna use Google services, not gonna use Amazon. They're not gonna use iCloud with Apple, are they're gonna start once again storing their data on their local computers and hard drives. 

The NSA can still get to you, if they want to, all you gotta do is log into the Internet and they can find you. It doesn't matter where your data is stored.  But that's a legitimate concern that they have nevertheless.  If the NSA has got everybody convinced that they're spying on everybody and stealing your data, people naturally say, "Well, I'll just keep my data to myself! That way the NSA can't get it.  They're raiding Google servers..." They can raid anybody's if they want to. 


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