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Trouble with iPhone Beta... Megyn Kelly Embroiled in Idiotic Racial Santa Controversy... Wussification: MLB Bans Collisions at Home Plate...

They Sucked Me into This Budget Deal

RUSH:  I've stayed out of it.  You know I've stayed out of it.  I've told everybody I don't even care about it.  It's the same old BS.  It's the same old soap opera script.  There's nothing new in it.  I haven't even gotten worked up about it, and in the audio sound bites it's me versus Boehner.  I try to step aside, and they suck me back in.  I try to leave it alone, and they bring it right back to my doorstep. 

DNC Fundraises Off My Joke Based on the Left's Idea to Outlaw Men Gazing at Women

RUSH: It's hilarious that there are actually a bunch of liberals who are going to try to outlaw thoughts that are part of our creation, to make it an unnatural act for men to gaze at women they find attractive.  They want to criminalize that.  They want to say it's sexism.  Well, it's patently absurd.  And so, in the course of discussing this and illustrating the absurdity of this by being absurd, I came up with a classic, I think, line. 

GOP to Us: We Can't Win, So Shut Up

RUSH: This bunch, for some reason, takes comfort in -- and wants us to take comfort in -- that they can't win and that they shouldn't even try or push back, and so it leaves us to ask why.  That's why people then start saying, "Well, maybe they don't really disagree with what's going on." 

The Free Market Would Fix Health Care

CALLER:  I was in business for myself for 12 years, and what I saw happen over that 12-year period, and the reason that I sold my business, is insurance came into the picture, and the market became the copay.  No one cared about the cost of drugs. For example, an antihistamine went up to $90 a month cost to the pharmacy, but the patient was paying $2.


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