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Trouble with iPhone Beta
RUSH: Well, now, this is really weird, this is really weird.  I've been running beta software on my iPhone, 7.1.  I'm a registered developer.  They just released beta 2.  I just downloaded it and now I got an activation error.  It says my phone is not registered as part of the developer program, but it is.  So now, my primary phone's dead.  I can't use it.  But that's okay, because my two backup phones are just fine.  They're not running the beta software.  (laughing) Just to show you, just to illustrate that I am not out of touch.  Well, everybody's got three iPhones, right?  No, they're not on the same number.  Not even I have figured that out, but I do have to figure this out.  This is crazy.  I mean, if it was not registered, I couldn'ta had beta 1 on it. 

Megyn Kelly Embroiled in Idiotic Racial Santa Controversy
RUSH: Are you aware of the racial controversy that has arisen on Megyn Kelly's new show on Fox?  You're not aware of this?  On Wednesday night Megyn Kelly said that Jesus Christ and Santa Claus are white, deal with it. (laughing) I'm holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers -- let's see, what is this?  Well, it's probably Mediaite or some -- I don't know the name of the website, but it's one of these media watchdog sites. 

The headline:  "Megyn Kelly Will Address ‘White Santa’ Controversy Tonight on Her Show -- Friday evening on The Kelly File, Fox’s Megyn Kelly will address the controversy surrounding her Wednesday evening segment in which she declared that it is a 'verifiable fact' that Santa Claus is white. The segment set off all kinds of reactions, from outrage to mockery to eye-rolls to scholarly analysis."

Now, she also included in her original declaration that Jesus Christ was white, too, and to deal with it.  Now, in fairness, what's happened to her -- it's in a lighthearted segment that she had some guests.  It was in The Kelly File segment of her show.  I didn't see it.  But I read about it, and it's like everything else, she said something that angers the left, and so they are focusing attention on it.  She's now a racist, sexist, pigette or what have you, and so tonight -- well, it says here, "Several media outlets noted how Kelly was absent from the anchor desk the next night, but her absence was unrelated to the Santa segment."  A Fox spokesperson confirms that she was just sick. 

So it's tonight, nine o'clock, that Megyn Kelly will address the white Santa Claus controversy.  Is there a controversy over the fact that Rudolph's nose was red?  There wasn't, right?  So if you say that Santa Claus is white, Rudolph's nose is red, the only controversy would be Santa Claus is white, right? (interruption) You don't know what's controversial about that?  You don't know what's controversial about declaring Santa Claus is white, deal with it?  Well, well, he's been white in your world, and he's been white in my world. 

Okay.  I have to say, Snerdley's got a good point here.  From the beginning of time, and when Santa Claus entered sphere of time, Santa Claus has always been white.  The Coca-Cola Santa Claus was white.  The Gillette shaver Santa Claus was white.  Right.  The Life magazine -- I have to say that Snerdley has a valid point here, that wherever you looked, Santa Claus was white in American history.  But what about in Africa?  Was Santa Claus white in Africa?  Do you know?  Was Santa Claus white in Africa.  No, no.  They had Santa Claus in parts of Africa.  They had Santa Claus there. 

What about Tehran?  Santa Claus white in Tehran?  Well, they don't do Santa Claus now in Tehran, but did they ever do Santa Claus?  Now, Santa Claus, St. Nick, wasn't he Italian originally? (interruption) German?  He was German?  Are you sure?  Well, whatever, okay, so the St. Nicholas figure that gave us the modern incarnation of Santa Claus has always been white?  Well, Megyn's gonna address this tonight on her show.  Yeah, it's a controversy, it's a controversy.  (interruption) Mandela's sign language guy, ask him? 

All right, now we're being told here by crack research staff that the original St. Nicholas was out of Turkey.  Oh, I know, St. Nicholas was a real saint.  I know all that.  If that's the case, then he might have been Semitic.  Okay.  Okay.  All right.  Okay.  All right.  If you look at it that way, then there's no other conclusion you can draw, and that is Santa Claus was always white. The guy that lives in the North Pole with the sleigh and the reindeer that comes down people's chimneys and eats the cookies and milk that mom leaves, has always been white.  No argument about that.  Loves cold weather.  Ice person, no question.  Lives at the North Pole, which is melting, according to the butler in Downton Abbey.  Might have to cancel Christmas this year. 

The butler in Downton Abbey, his name is Jim Carter, plays Mr. Carson, ran this PSA over there this week.  I'm not kidding.  There's a PSA in England put out by Greenspan UK using the butler from Downton Abbey who's a lovable character and figure in that show, as Santa Claus, claiming that they might have to cancel it because the ice is melting there, which it isn't.  Anyway, okay, so that's that. 


RUSH:  Okay.  Here's another question.  If it is controversial to say that Santa Claus is white, if Megyn Kelly is gonna have to do a show on this tonight because of the controversy, then we need more information.  Is Santa Claus straight?  "Well, he's married to Mrs. Claus." That doesn't mean anything anymore.  It could have been, you know, a marriage of convenience to throw everybody off.  What if the kids knew that Santa Claus was gay?  That mighta changed Christmas.  Santa Claus may be transgendered!

Does Santa Claus wish he was a woman? 

I mean, if it's gonna be controversial to state that Santa Claus is white, then we need to get to the bottom of this, and it looks like Megyn Kelly is gonna tackle this tonight at nine o'clock on Fox News Channel.  Okay.  (interruption) Who? Wait'll who finds out Jesus was a Jew? (interruption) Well, I know if you tell some people that, but that's a whole 'nother show.  I don't even want to touch that.  It's racy enough here. Look, I'm in my own mess.  What?  (interruption)  Is the Easter bunny white? Uhhh. Well, it always has been white, but that may be just as controversial to say.  Anyway, we'll keep track of this.

I'll keep you posted, because after tonight Santa Claus may not be white and may never have been. 

The Easter bunny's a gray area.  Santa Claus? Apparently, if you're on the left, you've gotta disagree with Megyn Kelly.  That's it, I guess, on the left.

Wussification: MLB Bans Collisions at Home Plate
RUSH: Now the chickification of American sports continues.  I don't know if it's chickification, but there's something happening out there.  Major League Baseball is going to ban home plate collisions.  Players must stop and shake hands before the runner attempts to tag and score.  You have to slide.  You cannot bowl over the catcher.  They've been doing that in Little League for a while, and if you don't slide and instead you bowl over, try to run into or collide with the catcher, they call you out.  The purpose of the home plate collision is to dislodge the ball from the catcher. 

There is no more famous home plate collision than Pete Rose in the All-Star Game I think in 1972 in Cleveland.  The catcher was Ray Fosse.  It was an All-Star Game. The game didn't count.  Rose didn't care.  He played 150% every game.  Ray Fosse was never the same after that hit.  And it was brutal.  And there were a couple of collisions in the World Series, Cardinals and the Red Sox, and it was brutal, and it made the fans, particularly the women fans, very uncomfortable.  Why are they running into each other like that?  Why does he have to do that?  Why can't he just slide? 

And Major League Baseball, they're having their annual winter meetings at Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida: "Major League Baseball plans to eliminate home plate collisions, possibly as soon as next season but no later than by 2015. Sources tell ESPN.com's Buster Olney that there is a strong desire for MLB's rules committee to fast track the specific rule changes in time for next season.

"Under the rules changes being discussed:  Catchers will not be allowed to block home plate. Runners will not be permitted to target the catchers. The question of whether or not the plate was blocked or the runner targeted the catcher will be reviewable, with an immediate remedy available to the umpires.  Catchers or runners who violate the new rules will be subject to disciplinary action."

Can't block the plate.  Can't target the catcher.  It was 1970, not 1972.  Who's counting, '72, '70.  Close enough.  This is 2013.  For crying out loud, don't be a nitpicker!  Anyway, this is another traditional, fundamental aspect of the game.  Next they're gonna require every batter to wear catcher's equipment to protect them against being hit by the ball 'cause, you know, those Major League pitchers, they throw the ball pretty hard.  Have you ever been hit by one?  It can really hurt.  And so they may make everybody essentially go up there with body armor on, right? 

Look, let me clarify something.  I don't know that this is happening because women find it uncomfortable to watch.  I just made that up.  I really don't know.  I don't know who's responsible, but there is a wussification taking place.  Well, women don't have any say in this.  It's just a cultural thing Snerdley.  You know what it proves?  The fact that you can't deal with it just proves that you can't handle change.  It's a changing country, and it's leaving you behind, and you can't deal with it, and it's your problem.  You need to get real.  Pete Rose, by the way, thinks this rule is full of it.



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