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End of the Line for 40-Watt, 60-Watt Bulbs... Camille Paglia: It's a Man's World and Always Will Be... Tony Romo Visits Sick Kids...

The Lord Does Work in Mysterious Ways

RUSH:  I've never seen the left come to the defense of a pope or the Catholic Church like I have seen them come to the defense of the pope and the Catholic Church this time.  This is one of those days where my dad would not believe what has happened here...  The media is livid, at the same time, that the pope deigned to respond to me.  That has 'em ticked off.  They name him Man of the Year simply because he attacks capitalism and ticks me off.  And in the process they've named, as Man of the Year, the biggest pro-lifer in the world. 

The Washington Establishment Can't Stamp Out the Tea Party, Any More Than the Left Can Stamp Out Christmas

RUSH: The left cannot get you to stop believing in Christ.  They can't get you to stop believing in Christmas, no matter how they attack it.  All they can do is shield themselves from whatever it is about it that makes them uncomfortable and feel unwanted and abnormal. By the same token, they're never, ever going to be able to make you stop believing in freedom.

Excited Mom Receives Ted-Tea Bear

CALLER:  Oh, I'm shaking.  I just wanted to tell you that in speaking about your topics today you were saying the Lord works in mysterious ways, and today I received a gift for my youngest daughter Olivia from Liberty the horse and you and your beautiful wife as well, and I just wanted to call and say thank you so much for sending that to her and to my other daughters.


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