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Morning Update: Easy Prey

Government employees are not happy. A provision in the new budget deal requires newly hired federal workers to contribute 4.4 percent of their pay to their own pensions. Workers hired in 2013 pay 3.1 percent. All those hired before that pay 0.8 percent.

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Obama Rodeo Clown Could be Man of Year in Sedalia, MO... AT&T Chief: We Have to Change the Way We Sell Cell Phones...  Yesterday was 240th Anniversary of the First Tea Party...

George W. Bush: Hipster Icon?

RUSH: Vanity Fair is sending out a clarion call to everybody in the media that they're gonna have to go back and start focusing on Bush again, because he's in the middle of a resurgence.  He's becoming hip, compassionate, and cool to young people, Millennials, because he paints cats. He's an animal lover. The Mandela funeral caused there to be all kinds of news commentary on all of the aid the Bush administration was responsible for, for Africa, AIDS, this kind of thing.  And the letter that he sent the football player from Alabama, the kicker.  So they just are beside themselves over this.  


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