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Pearls of Wisdom

"The Republicans are scared to death to say anything critical of Obama and the Democrats. And they'll do anything to avoid a government shutdown, including giving Obama what he wants, which we just saw."

"I think this Regime is behaving outside the Constitution on a daily basis and any action that signifies that and identifies and reins it in would tend to get my support."

"Apparently Bush likes cats, which hasn't helped me, but it's helped Bush quite a lot."

"I'm doing everything I can to stay focused here, despite everybody coming at me from every different direction. It's the way it always is, just today I happen to be acknowledging it."

"I don't trust the media. The media's interests and mine do not coincide. They're leftists, folks."

"Algore said numerous times that by now, the North Pole would be absent ice. He did. Numerous times. He predicted five years ago that today, North Pole ice would not exist, that it would all of melt. I kid you not. He's dead wrong on everything, and yet these people continue to get awards."

"A top official at the EPA defrauded the EPA out of more than $1 million in wages and benefits by pretending to be a CIA operative. Now, will there be a movie made about him? If somebody said, 'Hey, DiCaprio, we got a great movie here for you about a government bureaucrat!'"

"The pope is being embraced by the left. By the way, if the pope can be embraced by the left, why not George W. Bush?"

"The reputation that George W. Bush had when his father was president was consiglieri. You had to get past Dubbya to get to 41. It was fascinating."

"It's not all just Tea Party types opposed to Obamacare. There's a lot of moderates, independents, Democrats opposed to it, waiting to be led, waiting to be connected to by political party with leadership helping to stamp it out, roll it back, get rid of it, preserve the future."


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