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It Parallel Parks Itself...  Where Do I Go to Complain About the Yahoo Weather App?...  Tune in Thursday for the Last Rush-Hosted Show Before Christmas...

Marriage Study: Being Right Makes You Happy, Subordinating Makes You Miserable

RUSH: Now, let's expand that to the Republicans and Democrats in Washington.  The Republicans are subordinating everything they believe in for "bipartisanship" and for "compromise" and for "reaching across the aisle" and for "doing deals," and what is happening?  They're losing their base. The Democrats don't respect 'em.  They're laughing at 'em and mocking 'em.  They're not getting anything done, and they're not really gaining a whole lot of respect.  I think it's fascinating. 

Pajama Boy is the New Julia

RUSH: The latest tweet from Organizing for America... Have you seen this?  Oh, you haven't seen this?  It's some metrosexual (I mean, that's even dubious) in his pajamas, holding a cup of hot chocolate in two hands, and the tweet is, "How do you plan to spend the cold days of December?  Wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, and talk about getting health insurance." That could be Rachel Maddow, if you wanted it to be. It could be Chris Hayes.

Rush Revere's Rush to Your School Contest: Everybody Who Entered Wins a Donation!

RUSH: We were deluged, as we knew we would be, and it's just impossible to pick one.  There have been -- I don't want to give out the number, but it is a huge number of entries from people making the case why their school should be awarded this donation from us, Two If By Tea.  So what we've decided to do -- and I just wanted to announce it -- we're just going to send Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims and a lot of other great American classics to everybody who entered on the Rush Revere page. 


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