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It Parallel Parks Itself

RUSH:  It doesn't fly, but do you know what it does?  It will automatically parallel park itself.  It will.  It's got a built in female driver.  It will automatically parallel park itself.  And you know what else it does?  Honest to God.  It has sensors that sense bumps in the road ahead of it, and it adjusts the suspension before you get to the bumps, to be able to handle it.  It's got all kinds of high-tech gizmo stuff like that.  Yeah, it's really cool. 

Where Do I Go to Complain About the Yahoo Weather App?
RUSH:Look, I don't want to make too big a deal about this, but if you're like me, you got a whole bunch of different weather apps on your iPhone, on your iPad. I mean, every time a new one comes out and looks intriguing, I get it.  Yahoo not long ago, months, came out with a revised new weather app that was really cool.  I mean, the weather information on it was fine, it's like anywhere else, radar, had the five- or 10-day forecast. 

But what it did was via Flickr, like if you wanted weather for Chicago, when you scrolled to Chicago it would flash various pictures that people had taken, beautiful pictures from in and around Chicago.  San Francisco, ditto, wherever.  And it was fascinating.  You almost run the app just to look at the various pictures that would pop up, rather than get the weather. original

Well, this week they revised the app and made it universal so that it now works with the iPad.  And now every picture is of the sky.  For example, Las Vegas. I'm gonna go to Las Vegas soon, so I have Las Vegas in there.  There are two different pictures of Las Vegas, two different casinos that pop up, that's it, and sometimes at night you just get a black and white picture of the sky.  Here where we live, there are none.  Every picture, day or night, is the sky or the moon.  And over half the cities now don't have any pictures.  They just use generic pictures of the sky, still mixed with Flickr. 

This is so sad.  It's so unfortunate.  As I say, the Yahoo weather app, you would consult it just to get the pictures.  The pictures were always fabulous from these places, and even small towns.  If you wanted to check the weather in Green Bay for an upcoming football game, the pictures were submitted by people from Green Bay to Flickr, which Yahoo owns.  And ever since they made the app universal -- it works on both the iPad and the iPhone -- the picture support has just, at least for me, vanished.  And it's just a sad thing.  It's just sad. 

I'm not mad about it.  I'm just curious.  'Cause I know that there are pictures from here.  They used to show up before the app went universal.  Now it's just the sky and various pictures of clouds.  And how do I know that they were Palm Beach clouds?  They could be clouds from Oshkosh.  Anyway, I just wanted to mention that, 'cause I don't know how many of you are encountering the same problem. 

Tune in Thursday for the Last Rush-Hosted Show Before Christmas
RUSH:  Folks, that's it.  Yeah, that's it.  It's time to look and see if we had an extra busy broadcast minute, but we don't.  We're outta here.  But we'll be back tomorrow.  And it'll be our last program before Christmas, last live program on Christmas -- at least by me -- so don't miss it.  See you then.  Thanks for being with us today


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