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The Left's Mock Outrage Over What Phil Robertson Said Could be a Tipping Point

RUSH: I'll bet he's not even that concerned about being fired for this.  I don't know him, so I could be dead wrong about this.  But it appears to me that spreading the word of God and his belief is a paramount desire that he has and mission accomplished here, in that sense.  I mean, even people that didn't watch Duck Dynasty now have heard what he believes is the Word of God, and that's what his avowed purpose was with the program.  But really, who's been injured here?  Really, who has been hurt?  This is the whole point.  We're talking about political correctness, a bunch of words.  Who really has been harmed here, at the end of the day?  Nobody but Phil Robertson. 

Liberals Must Destroy Anyone Who Bursts Their Utopian Bubble with Reality

RUSH: I firmly believe that most of these people on the left construct an artificial world that's made up in their minds the way they want.  Utopia.  And anything that reminds them there isn't utopia, gotta shut it up, gotta get rid of whoever's talking about it, gotta embarrass and humiliate and discredit anybody, because they're living in their little cocoons and they concoct this little utopian dream and desire. 

Second-Hand Smoke Proven Harmless -- Again

RUSH: This is something that I, El Rushbo, have known instinctively my whole life.  Ever since the anti-smoking zealots got geared up, they have tried to pass off this silly idea that secondhand smoke can cause cancer as well, and it's always been laughable. The tiniest bit of common sense will tell you it couldn't. 

The Hutch is Gone to Heaven

RUSH: He had been fighting cancer for 10 years, but I had no idea how serious it was, and that's because he wouldn't tell me.  A number of times I implored him to tell me the truth, and he continually downplayed it and said it's not important, he's gonna beat it, no big deal, and he was trying to totally set me at ease.


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