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"John Podesta compared Republicans to the Jonestown cult. That is vile, that's vulgar, that's hurtful, that offends almost half the country. Half the country is Republicans. Does anybody really want that kind of hate speech from the White House? We already have it there, folks, in case you're not aware."

"Vladimir Putin is jealous of Obama because he can spy on anybody and get away with it. I just absolutely love this."

"The A&E people, they say that they are 'strong supporters of the LGBT movement,' lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender movement. Notice they are not getting anywhere near saying that they are strong supporters of the Christian community."

"The former head honcho of the KGB complaining he couldn't get away with what Obama's getting away with. I don't know. For some reason I found it amusing."

"That Pajama Boy in Obama's tweet is who they want to reach. That's the kind of guy they think exists. That's the kind of guy they want to be leading the charge for Obamacare. That's the kind of man that they see as their male support population. I guarantee you."

"Does anybody out there know what a butt plug is. Snerdley, you probably do. You know what a butt plug is?...Well, I just found out what a butt plug was. I didn't even know. I had to engage in deep consultation to find out."

"Ken Hutcherson was a counselor to people in trouble, no matter what the problem was. He was one of these people that whatever your problem, he had the correct advice for you. And he was tough about it. He didn't baby anybody that was off the rails. He didn't hold their hands and commiserate. He told 'em what was, what they had to do, and then told them they could do it. The Hutch is gonna be terribly missed by a lot of people."

"As plans are now, I will be back here on January the 2nd. Plans are fluid, but that's the tentative plan now -- and by 'fluid,' it means if on December 30th or 31st I don't want to be back here on the 2nd, then that's the way it'll be, and you will have to hustle and find a guest host."

"The left is made up of busybodies, or worse. Do you realize how many people are going through life believing things that aren't true, and it's affecting their enjoyment of life? It's affecting the way they raise their kids. It's affecting the way they live themselves. It's so unnecessary. That's what bugs me about it."


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