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Guest Host Mark Belling

Obamacare Deadline

"It's not just the website. The signups are going poorly because there is a complete lack of enthusiasm among the people who were the targets for all of this, the suckers, the people who were told they needed to buy it." -Belling

"If you're an insurance company, aren't you kind of terrified right now? Obama has the potential of destroying their businesses." -Belling

Scott Walker on Reforming Government

"I think time and time again austerity is not the answer; reform is." - Governor Scott Walker

Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge by Scott Walker and Marc Thiessen

"Here is a guy who actually 'did' something, and our votes are screaming out for that." -Belling

Why Christmas is Like Duck Dynasty

"People don't feel that they have a voice anymore."  -Belling

RushLimbaugh.com: The Left's Mock Outrage Over What Phil Robertson Said Could be a Tipping Point

"We're talking about political correctness, a bunch of words.  Who really has been harmed here, at the end of the day?  Nobody but Phil Robertson. Now, John Podesta, has he been suspended yet? 'Cause he went out and he called the entire Republican Party Jonestown." -Rush

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