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Guest Host Erick Erickson

Obamacare Disaster

"The president of the United States -- the man in charge, the man who the system is named after, Obamacare -- couldn't even get insurance and they expect you to get it? Well, merry, merry Christmas." -Erickson 

"We're not going to have the American medical system we've had in the past. The Democrats are so into the politics of it they have conflated and confused health care with health insurance. They play into each other, but they're not the same thing. They're screwing up the system where now only those of us with means are going to have access to doctors and be seen quickly. More inequality in Barack Obama's America, but that is by design." -Erickson

"In Barack Obama's America only his friends and donors are the winners. That's why the economy is not a story, because it doesn't effect Obama's winners. It just effects every other American." -Erickson

The Top 10 News Stories of 2013

"Obamacare isn't a public relations nightmare. This is a policy failure by the White House and by Barack Obama. Leave it to the Washington media to call it a PR nightmare. It's blowing up well ahead of schedule." -Erickson 

"I took my dad shopping yesterday and they already have out the Valentine's Day stuff. We're not even through Christmas yet! The commercialization of the holidays... I mean, God Bless capitalism, but come on people." -Erickson


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