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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Caesarcare Complications Continue

"This Obamacare is an absolutely platinum level fiasco that Obama has imposed on the nation." -Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: Obama Falls to 41% in Fox Poll, Desperately Tries to Rally the Pajama Boy Base

"One of the many reasons Obamacare is a disaster is 'cause they don't know who America is and they don't know how to market it and they don't know that people don't want it.  They want it, so they think everybody should want it." -Rush 

Dangerous Lessons

"We're teaching the world a dangerous lesson that you're a fool, a sap, a sucker who will get screwed over if you become an American ally or help the Americans." -Steyn

The Climate of Speech

"There has never been lamer comedy than the comedy we have to sit through now. So Steve Martin is accused of making a racist tweet because of the sound-alike quality of a common Italian pasta dish and something that might be an African-American girl's name. For the sake of his own profession, which is dying before his eyes, he should just say, 'Lighten up! Get a life, losers!'" -Steyn

"Freedom of speech is more than the First Amendment, the government. The climate of speech is important, too, in free societies. Too many people are touchy about what you can say and how you can say it." -Steyn

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"Free speech is essential to any free society. In Saudi Arabia, some blogger is going to be executed because he posted something they considered apostate. These are our friends, the Saudis -- the king Obama bowed to." -Steyn


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