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Guest Host Mark Belling

Mark's Opening Health Care Monologue

"Well, I can't be Rush Limbaugh. I know I'm not Rush Limbaugh. That became clear to me 25 years ago when Rush Limbaugh started being Rush Limbaugh." -Mark Belling

"At some point, they're going to get their dumb Obamacare website fixed, and people are going to be able to sign up, and there's this belief on the left that everyone will then live happily ever after and things will be fine. No. As of January 1st, Obamacare starts." -Mark Belling

Jesse Jackson Inserts Himself into Duck Dynasty

"It's kind of weird that it's taken this long. Jesse Jackson is talking about Duck Dynasty, now. What took him so long? He's normally there within three minutes of the offensive thing. He's off his game! I mean, Duck Dynasty? What are you going to talk about next, Pearl Harbor? Al Sharpton is getting the jump on Jesse Jackson with a lot of this stuff." -Mark Belling

"Oh, 'white privileged.' You're going to hear that one a lot now. That's a term that's now very popular in academia. They can't keep calling racism anymore, so they come up with this seemingly less hostile phrase." -Mark Belling

Taxes are Why Florida is Surpassing New York in Population

"If these Northern states want to stop not only this flight of people but the flight of capital, they've gotta look at the tax part of the equation, but they never do." -Mark Belling

"Isn't intelligence cutting your losses, knowing that you've made an error, working your way through life and knowing you thought something would work and it did not? I think the country is finally figuring that out about Obama." -Mark Belling

RushLimbaugh.com: Rush Limbaugh: Will Republicans Run This Ad in 2014? -12.18.13

"The Republicans still believe that the way to win elections is to show that they're willing to cross the aisle and work hand in hand with the Democrats in a bipartisan, non-confrontational way, and when the Republicans learn that an outside conservative group did this -- one that maybe has ties to the Tea Party -- that'll turn 'em off on it.  Now, I'm not predicting that, 'cause I'm hoping nobody could be that stupid." -Rush

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"Christmas starts too early, this October nonsense. By the time it gets here, people are sick of it. You're not supposed to be sick of Christmas! Does anyone even remember what Christmas is?" -Mark Belling

"Look how we're raising our kids now. Every kid is told they're wonderful and special, even when they're not. The sports teams don't keep score, and everyone gets a trophy." -Mark Belling


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