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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Cruz Makes Clear He's Not Canadian

"The way Obama renounces his British citizenship is by handing back the bust of Winston Churchill. The way Ted Cruz does it is by handing back the bust of Leslie Nielsen." -Steyn

"This country is riddled with Canadians and it's time we came out of the closet." -Steyn

Global Warming Update: Ice and Farts

"Too often Republicans are content to be in office and not in power." -Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: Fossil Fuels and Dinosaur Farts - 06.14.12

"What was the reason the dinosaurs went instinct? Was it their own farts?" -Rush


When Obamacare Falls Apart

"Obamacare has massively complicated everything. The delusion on the part of liberalism was that all of this could be done easily and it's the opposite of that. All they've done is introduce more gaps." -Steyn

"Obamacare: It was necessary for that lie to survive the 2012 election. Get ready. You're in for more expensive health care and less quality health care." -Steyn

"The big question after January 1st is which way does health care reform go after Obamacare falls apart?" -Steyn

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