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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Good Year for Conservatism

"I think this was a pretty good year for conservatism. Not for anything conservatives did, but simply because we sat back and let the geniuses of liberalism do it to the American people." -Steyn 

RushLimbaugh.com: IRS Tea Party Harassment and 2014 - 10.25.13

"The IRS scandal is just against the law.  In the simplest sense, it's a violation of law and Obama all the way to the top should be held accountable for this by everybody.  It's unacceptable." -Rush

American Political Discourse and Racism

"Do you know why American political discourse is in the state it's in? One of the reasons is because so much public policy discussion is sucked up talking about racism." -Steyn

"The minute you reduce to complaining about racial code language, you've lost." -Steyn

Mark's Uighur Update

"Everywhere I go people always come up to me and ask, 'What's the news on Uighurs?'" -Steyn

Interview with Author Mallory Factor on "Shadowbosses"

"In over 20 states, to keep your job you have to pay a union. If you don't pay the union you don't keep your job.  Isn't that amazing? You have no choice." -Factor

More Stories Discussed on Today's Program...

"The left is brilliant at using the Democrats to advance their agenda. The right is not as effective with Republicans." -Steyn 



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