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Drive-Bys Barely Mention Scientists Got Stuck in Ice Studying Global Warming
RUSH: One of the the Chinese, ChiCom icebreaker ships that was involved in rescue, you know what?  Those people that were rescued, you still can't find in the media that they were on a global warming expedition.  It just happens to be that some scientists went to the Antarctic and they got stuck in the ice. "Oh, how horrible. Oh, how terrible, but thankfully they were rescued." 

Not one mention, anywhere, that they're on the global warming mission, which is proof positive that the media's involved in the agenda of global warming, which is a political issue.  Anyway, the ChiCom icebreaker that helped them escape is now itself stuck.  The rescued global warming hoaxers are now on some Australian ship and they don't care anymore about the ChiCom ship that's stuck 'cause they got out.  People on the ChiCom ship will do have to depend the City of New York and the mayor to get unstuck from the Antarctica ice.

Hollywood Pal Gets His Tesla

RUSH:  Do you remember last time I was in LA? I went out to dinner, and I told you one of the guys told me very sheepishly -- well, not sheepishly.  Moderately defensively he had bought a Tesla, an electric car.  "Now, Rush, no-no! No! I'm not an environmentalist nut. I'm not buying this thing 'cause I'm trying to save the environment.  I just like the car."  I said, "That's okay, that's okay, fine and dandy."  He's a well-known TV producer you would all know, on a show you would all know.

I didn't mention any of that. It was not the point.  I just thought it was funny that toward the end of the dinner, he said, "Rush, there's something I gotta tell you." "Yeah, what?" "I'm getting a Tesla.  But, Rush, but, Rush, not because I'm a wacko. It's not because I'm trying to save the planet. I just love the car. I think it's a great car. It's the best car on the road. It's the best car you can get. I can't wait to get it. I get it in January."

Well, anyway, the guy got his car, and he just sent me a picture of the dashboard.  He's got my website on the dashboard. Apparently there's Internet in his car, in his Tesla, and he sent it to a friend and he asked the friend to forward it to me.  He said, "Can you forward this to Rush?"  It's my website on his new Tesla screen.  There it is right there. I'm holding it up.  It's RushLimbaugh.com right above his map in his Tesla screen.

He heard me tell the story about him buying a Tesla. 

The Limbaugh Migration
RUSH: New York is what? (interruption)  Oh, I haven't seen those stories. (interruption) Oh.  Oh.  Oh. (interruption)  Yeah. 

In terms of population, Florida is about to become more populated than New York is.  But I haven't seen any stories about me, about how... Let me tell you something.  In fact, I saw a story last night about the migration taking place in this country where people are leaving and where they're going.  New York and Connecticut, there's a migration out. People are leaving those two states like crazy, and they are migrating to no-income tax states.  In large part, they are coming to Florida -- and, of course, it was I, El Rushbo, who began that migration. 

They call it the Limbaugh Migration.

It started 1997. 

There's no question about it.


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