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Welcome to Hate Florida Week ...  Coming Tomorrow, Really: The GOP Amnesty Plan and Why Success is Bad for Your Health ...

Morning Update: The Ghost

The latest skirmish between labor unions and private-sector employers took place in the Seattle, Washington, area last week. After a tense campaign, a key union at Boeing approved an eight-year contract extension to build the new 400-passenger, 777X airplane.

Surrounded by Victims of His Own Economic Destruction, the President Says Paying People Not to Work Creates Jobs

RUSH: In a nutshell, what do we have here? The president showing up in the East Room of the White House surrounded by victims of his own economy who are instead portrayed as beneficiaries. Everybody out of work in this country today is a victim of Obama economic policies. And he was surrounded by 'em in the White House today disguised as if they were beneficiaries. That is the degree of how sick all this has become.

Liberals Believe in Trickle-Up Economics

RUSH: The Democrats would say, "No, no, no. Kathy didn't have any money 'til we came along and gave her some. And then we gave her some money, and Kathy's poor, by definition, and Kathy went out and spent money, and this is how the poor get screwed. We give them money and then they go out and buy necessities, and then the Republicans call that trickle-down. But instead what it really is: trickle up. It is the poor supporting the wealthy." That's how Obama and the Democrats look at it.


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