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STDs on Rise Among Gay Men; College Pranksters Lie to Pollsters About Sexuality

RUSH: The purpose of this program is not to shock anybody, and we're not here trying to be obscene or any of that. If the discussion of STDs and things like this make you uncomfortable or you don't want your child to hear this, I'm gonna count down from five, and if you're still here, then it's on you, because you've been warned. Five ... four ... three ... two ... one...

"The Jobs Americans Won't Do"

RUSH: We've got 90 million Americans not working, almost 91 million Americans not working. That is more people than live in Germany. As you well know, if the unemployment rate actually counted people who no longer were looking for work -- who've given up -- the real unemployment rate would be 11-point-something percent. With 90 million Americans not working, how can there be jobs Americans won't do?


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