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Human nature is such that anybody would much prefer somebody else be blamed for their circumstances than to blame themselves. So if you got a president coming along absolving you of any responsibility for your own plight, you're gonna eat that up. It's somebody else's fault. It's the country's fault. It's the rich's fault. It's society's fault, culture's fault, whatever."

"This is becoming a trend. You got journalists who are covering campaigns who do not report things that could have impact on the outcome. They save these things for a book long after the election is over. They are in it for the money, which is fine with me, except journalists are the ones that attack people like me and conservatives for being in it for the money."

"The amount of money that we have spent in income redistribution is stunning."

"Is it any surprise that Barack Obama and his gang don't like the military? Is it any surprise that everything they do is a political calculation? No. None of this ought to be a surprise to anyone."

"This country, as founded, is hanging by a thread, economically and culturally. The problem is nobody in the political establishment, either party in Washington, thinks so. They don't see it that way."

"Our elected officials no longer seem on the same page with us. They don't think there's an economic crisis. They don't think that amnesty or immigration is a crisis. They rather be seen as humanitarians."

"Gates says Bush loved hanging around military guys. He loved to have the generals, the admirals and all that up to the White House, and he really learned from 'em and he enjoyed 'em. Gates says Obama couldn'ta cared less. He's totally uninterested in the military. What's the surprise about this? These people are liberal Democrats. We know that they hold the military in disdain."

"The Democrat Party claims to want to help people. What they're really interested in is expanding government, not helping people. Conservatives literally, factually want to help people."

"With 90 million Americans not working, how can there be jobs Americans won't do? And yet it's probably true. And the reason is how much we're paying people not to work. Pure and simple, folks."


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