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Obama to Announce "Promise Zones"

 RUSH: Obama's continuing now, folks, with the "promise zones." We talked about it yesterday. He wants to offer tax cuts for certain businesses in certain regions to hire the unemployed. Right? And there's a name for these. "The promise zones." So clearly Obama, you know, believes he's the messiah -- Promised Land, promise zones -- and he's gonna lead us to the promised zones.

Here they are. We talked about this yesterday. The promise zones are areas where the White House is gonna focus on creating jobs and cutting poverty by offering tax credits or breaks or whatever to businesses for hiring the unemployed. Here the areas chosen, promise zones: San Antonio, Texas; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; southeastern Kentucky; the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Those are the promise zones or chosen people. If you live in those areas, you might get a tax break if you're small business for hiring the unemployed. But as I said yesterday, if unemployment benefits create jobs, why do you have to do promise zones? If unemployment benefits, unemployment checks allow you to turn the thermostat up and buy an additional loaf of bread and the utility company can maybe hire workers or the grocery, why in the world do we have to go through this tax break business?

If the simple of issuance of unemployment compensation creates jobs and grows the economy, why do we -- why do they -- have to do this?

Great Justified and Downton Abbey Premieres

largeRUSH: Oh, by the way, speaking of that. Did you see the Justified season premiere last night?  You didn't? (interruption) What about Downton Abbey? (interruption)   Did you see...? (interruption) You didn't?  Do you watch either of those? (interruption)  Oh, you forgot about it, huh? (interruption)  You don't watch Justified?  Well, the Justified premiere was on.  That's eastern Kentucky.  I mean, it's where it's depicted.  They actually shoot it in LA.  You remember Nick Searcy, who's Raylan's boss, called the program. He's a big fan, and I was happy to see him in the opening episode last night.  It's just a great show.

Why I Don't Care About the Consumer Electronics Show

RUSH: There are 91 million Americans not working, but they are all eating -- and a lot of people are at the Consumer Electronics Show trying to pick out their next big screen. In fact, I got an e-mail, "Why don't you talk that? You're big into gadgets. Why don't you ever talk about the Consumer Electronics Show?" For one reason: 99% of the stuff that's on display will never hit the market. The second reason: The stuff that does won't be for two or three years. The third reason: Apple isn't there, so there's nothing worth having.

GOP Compassion Lessons

RUSH: Robert Costa used to be at National Review, and might still be, for all I know. But this blog post was at the Washington Post.  "House Republican leaders sent a memo this week to the entire GOP conference with talking points designed to help rank-and-file Republicans show compassion for the unemployed and explain the Republican position on unemployment benefits. In the memo, which was obtained by The Washington Post, House Republicans are urged to be empathetic toward the unemployed and understand how unemployment is a 'personal crisis' for individuals and families. The memo also asks Republicans to reiterate that the House will give 'proper consideration' to an extension of long-term insurance as long as Democrats are willing to support spending or regulatory reforms." So there was a memo that went out.  This is classic.  This is it, in a nutshell.  The Republicans know exactly what's being done to them, and rather than push back and make their case, they send a memo.

Gallup: Record High Identify as Independents

RUSH: Have you seen the Gallup story today that talks about this vast increase in the number of people that say they're independents? You haven't seen that? I mean, what is it, 42% of Americans? It's a record high. This Gallup this morning: 42% of Americans identify as independents. That's a record high. Now, for that to be, something had to change.

Apparently a lot of Tea Party people have stopped calling themselves Republicans and are instead saying they're independents. Republican identification in the Gallup survey is the lowest in 25 years. Now, Gallup last year did the same survey, but instead of political parties, they asked you identify conservative, liberal, moderate. Forty percent conservative; 20% liberal; 30-some-odd percent was moderate, and the rest didn't want to answer or didn't know.

Put those two together.

Last year 40% of Americans said they're conservative, and 42% a year later say that they are independents. The Republican number (I don't have it right in front of me), is the lowest in 25 years. So how is that Republican outreach to Hispanics working out for 'em? This memo we learned that went around. When they learned Obama's gonna be talking about extending unemployment benefits, a memo goes out, "Don't say anything to disparage the unemployed!"

Republican memo from the leadership. Don't say any. What would have been so hard about devising a policy response focused on how the Republican Party wants to create jobs? (New Castrati impression) "Well, Mr. Limbaugh, they can't do that because when you start talking about jobs you are impugning the unemployed." "How does that work, Mr. New Castrati? What do you mean, 'When you start talking about jobs, you're impugning the unemployed'?"

"Well, it's easy for you to say, Mr. Limbaugh, 'Go out and get a job.' A job is not that easy to find. If you say the solution to somebody's problem is to go to work, well, that's easy for you to say, but that's not the way it works," and this is where we are. It is considered insulting (or the Republicans are afraid it is) to come up with a jobs creation policy or proposal in response to extending unemployment benefits.

'Cause the theory is, "Well, then you don't really care about 'em, because extending unemployment benefit, we could do that tomorrow. You can't get 'em a job tomorrow." Well, maybe not, 'cause Obama's in office. You have a point. But anyway, there are reasons why the fewest Americans in 25 years identify as Republicans.


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