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Obama Unveils Promise Zones

RUSH: Meanwhile, here's Obama. He's got some more victims surrounding him, and he's announcing it's Santa Claus Christmastime in January.  He's now going to unveil his promise zone initiative, which is, what, do you remember what it is?  A promise zone is an area of destitute poverty where Obama is gonna offer businesses tax incentives to hire the unemployed.  While Christie and his people cause people to die in ambulances on the George Washington Bridge, Obama is trying to help the unemployed with promise zones.  That's the juxtaposition of the news today.  I don't know if Obama will say that, if you like your poverty you can keep your poverty.  The problem is, if you are in poverty with Obama in the White House, you don't have any way out of it.

How the Feds Will Go After the Redskins

RUSH:  The way the feds are gonna get the Redskins is the federal trademark office, and I was gonna spend some time on that today, and there's one other thing.  Da-da-da-da-da.  We talked about that.  Well, I gotta take a break here.  But it just leaves a whole bunch of great stuff for tomorrow.

Gallup: Independents Aren't Really Independents at All

RUSH: A Gallup poll says what you and I have known for a long time, that most political independents are not independent at all.


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