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Another Weekend of NFL Playoffs

RUSH: Here we are at Friday, and another week of NFL playoffs.  The Peyton Mannings do play this week.  They play the San Diego Chargers.  You want to hear an interesting stat?  This is one of those just off-the-wall statistics that you would never bet on it, but it is kind of interesting.  The last four... Now, listen to me very carefully.  The last four Super Bowl winners were the opposing team for the Philadelphia Eagles home opener that year. 

That means, if that holds, the San Diego Chargers are going to win the Super Bowl this year, because the San Diego Chargers were the visiting team for the Philadelphia Eagles' home opener this year.  Is that some stat or is that some stat?  The last four Super Bowl winners were the opposing team for the Philadelphia Eagles' home opener. Not the first-week game.  The first game the Eagles had at home in that season. 

The Chargers are playing the Peyton Mannings.  I think that's Sunday.  Tomorrow's (Saturday) games you got the New Orleans Ain'ts -- Saints, to shows you how far back I go.  The Saints are at the Seahawks, 100% chance of rain, flash-flood watch, winter storm watch. It's a 100% chance of rain and 45 degrees in Seattle.  I don't know.  The Seahawks manhandled the Saints in week 13, 37-13 or 34-13 or something.

It's not gonna be like that again.  The invincibility of the Seahawks at home is gone because the Cardinals beat them the last week of the season and it was the first time the Seahawks had lost at home in two years.  Yeah, and then Saturday night you have the Andrew Lucks versus the Tom Bradys.  You got the Colts at the New England Patriots, and that will be the eight o'clock. I haven't looked at the weather on that game, not that it'll matter.  But that's just such a toughie. 

You've got Bill Belichick, who could come up with a defensive scheme that Andrew Luck hasn't seen, but does he have the players to pull off the scheme? That's the thing.  I mean, what is it, rain and wind?  Yeah, but you gotta look at Foxboro, not Boston.  Foxboro is closer to Providence.  Visiting teams fly in and stay in Providence Rhode Island when they play the Patriots.  Just a little trivia.  The Patriots have not been invincible at home in the playoffs. 

Brady's not had his best year, but they're the Patriots.  So tough call.  I'm gonna reserve my pick. I might have to go environmentalist wacko on that pick. The other Sunday game is the Fort'iners at the Carolina Panthers.  Well, you think the 49ers, but the Panthers have been sneaking up. They won their last ten. They have perhaps the best linebacker corps in the NFL, the second half of this season.  For those of you who watch the games, the linebacker corps now for the hipsters that call games on television, is "the second level."

If you're watching some of these announcers on TV, and they say, "Well, the running back got to the second level," and you say, "What the hell 'the second level'?"  It means a linebacker made the tackle.  If you hear that a team is "going vertical," it means they're running straight down the field or throwing straight down the field.  If you hear that a wide receiver "got great elevation on that pass," it means he jumped.  Some of the stuff that's happening to the language with...

It's not so much the game announcers it is the color commentators. 

Bernie Marcus: Worst of Obamacare Yet to Come
RUSH:It's sick.  "The Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus says America hasn't seen anything yet when it comes to the problems and additional costs Obamacare is going to deliver to middle-class America." I've got another thing coming for some of you. 

For those of you who are still working and who file quarterly estimated tax payments -- if you are an independent contractor, say, or doctor -- if you're not an employee and if your taxes are not withheld and you pay them quarterly, well, it's a new year, and wait'll you find out what's in store for you. It's not just you, but it's gonna hit you in its own way.  Everybody is about to be socked and shocked and soaked with brand-new Obamacare taxes. 

Bernie Marcus here is saying that most people, as bad as it has been with the website; signing up, but the insurance company has no record of you signing up; finding out you can't keep your doctor; signing up, finding out you can't keep your insurance plan; signing up, finding out that your deductible triples; signing up and finding out your premium might double -- with all of that, Bernie Marcus says, you don't even know the half of what's coming your way. 

You haven't "seen anything yet," he says, "when it comes to the problems and additional costs Obamacare is going to deliver to middle-class America. In an interview Wednesday with Fox News' Neil Cavuto ... Marcus said, 'Well, Neil, it's just the beginning. Now you have to remember that the mandate, they put off the big companies until 2015, supposed to come in 2014 with everybody else. So you haven't really seen it hit.'"

That's yet to come.

"'And I speak to a lot of business owners and small businesses especially, people who have 100, 200, 300, 400 people working for them.'  Marcus said business people tell him they are studying Obamacare and can't say if they are going to stop carrying insurance on employees, or if they are going to put more people into part-time jobs." They don't get fully know. "Marcus added, 'Neil, you haven't seen anything yet. And what you are going to see [one year from now] in January of 2015, right after the elections are over, boy, the Democrats look beautiful on this one.

"'It is politics as usual. They have put off this thing because America is going to be hit so hard."  So his point is that this was to be the year that everybody got rocked and socked.  This was to be the year of full implementation, and they've delayed many of the mandates and other things that would equal full implementation until after the November elections so that the Democrats are not harmed by what is coming down the pike.

Bernie Marcus said, "'All of middle-class America is going to get very, very hurt, very, very hurt by this. Because that is where it is going to come out. So if you are somebody working for a living, and you have been doing this for a number of years and your employer has been covering you and paying the premium for you, you are going to end up in two ways -- No. 1 you are going to end up with very little insurance and you are going to end up with very, very high co-pays, and you are going to end up with just a mess on your hands.'"

And "Marcus said he doesn't buy that as more people enroll, costs will go down and more people will have good coverage at a good cost.  It is not true in the real world, Marcus said," not when the government's involved.  Costs never go down.  Coverage never goes up, efficiency never increases, when the government is involved. "Nobody has ever said to me," he said, "and I am talking about this year, nobody has said to me that their costs have gone down in insurance. They have all gone up."


Everybody's costs are going up. 

Yet the Regime is out there and for how many years have been promising everybody, from premiums to copays to out of pocket to deductibles, all of that was gonna go down?  It was gonna be more affordable, gonna reduce the deficit, all of this magic. It was nothing but lies.  Now let's throw on top of this dismal employment news that we got today for the month of December, and then put in perspective that

Algore Used Traffic Jam Tactic Against Bill Bradley in New Hampshire
RUSH:  By the way, on the Chris Christie business, there's this interesting story that's divulged in The Daily Caller.  The brief version of this is that back in 2000, an operative for Algore organized a traffic jam during the New Hampshire primary to try to help Gore against Bill Bradley.  The traffic jam kept Bradley voters from voting.  This wasn't just inconveniencing some people on the George Washington Bridge. 

This was somebody who created a traffic jam so that Bill Bradley voters couldn't show up and vote in the 2000 New Hampshire primary.  The Gore operative who did this is a man by the name of Michael Whouley, W-h-o-u-l-e-y.  I guess it's Whouley, might be Whouley.  Anyway, know what he's doing today?  He's a top advisor to Hillary Clinton -- and back then, when the story surfaced in 2000, the media said, "Ah, this is just some good clean fun among the Democrats. 

This was a brilliant tactic that this guy used, a brilliant idea on the part of the Gore campaign to thwart the effort of Bill Bradley efforts to get to the polls, New Hampshire primary." There wasn't any federal investigation.   There wasn't an investigation at all. It is called voter suppression, but when Hillary and Gore were doing it to benefit themselves, that's just fine. That's like Clinton lying and marveling at how good he is at it. 

That's like Nina Burleigh offering Clinton a Lewinsky or two as thanks for keeping abortion untouched.  Remember that, Nina Burleigh, TIME Magazine?  So when the Democrats do these things, it's smart politics. It's good, clean fun, and, "Isn't that clever?" 


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