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Pearls of Wisdom

"In socialism the powerful become rich and in capitalism the rich become powerful."

"You cannot admit yourself into the liberal Democrat elitist culture of Washington, DC, especially if you are Republican. You have to be invited, and the application is quite lengthy and extensive and requires many, many years of loyalty to the Democrat cause, and it requires a whole lot of time spent criticizing other Republicans."

"You ever get mad at yourself? Yeah, Snerdley never does anything worth getting mad at himself over."

"Extending federal unemployment benefits, raising the federal minimum wage, and amnesty. That's Obama's big economic push. That's what we're told is going to be his focus in the State of the Union show. He couldn't do three things together to cause more harm to the US economy than those three things, and they are packaged now as an economic recovery proposal."

"The media is Democrats. Six of one, half dozen of the other. But if you look at what the Republicans are doing, every idea they've got is a version of a Democrat idea."

"Now, in the midst of all this, have you seen that Governor Christie is proposing a longer school day? Did you see that? He's not disliked enough? He's gotta turn a whole generation of school kids against him now by proposing a longer school day?"

"You talk about this program being show prep for the rest of the media: Washington Post -- 'Why the GOP Cavalry Is Not Coming to Chris Christie's Rescue.' I mean, that was a major point, a major area of focus on yesterday's program."

"The Wall Street Journal is reporting the FBI, as I just mentioned, has decided that it's not gonna be filing any criminal charges into their investigation of the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. Not a surprise, right? Especially since we just learned a few days ago that the lawyer in charge of the DOJ's investigation, a woman by the name of Barbara Kay Bosserman, is a big Obama donor and a big donor to the Democrat Party."

"More and more politics is about the elite elected officials and their futures and what they can do to guarantee their futures."

"Some Republicans talk about the need for job creation and jobs, jobs, jobs. But it clearly is not something that you identify with the Republican Party today. I mean, the story is they've got their own idea to extend unemployment benefits. So it's clear to me that they think that's what most Americans want."

"Republicans don't care about being hated by their base. They care about being loved by people that vote for Democrats."

"We're destroying people's lives by continuing to pay them chump change for not working. It's enough chump change they can eat, but it's destroying potential, it's destroying identity, it's destroying ambition. That's a huge problem for the country."

"Don't get me started on cat stories."


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