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New Mac Pro Interrupts Show Prep

RUSH:  You know, I really ought to learn something. I ought to do this stuff on the weekend, 'cause it's just too distracting.  It always happens, and I always tell myself, I'm gonna learn from it, and I never do.  You ever have it happen to you where you do things over and over again and say, "I'm never gonna do it this way again," and you keep doing it because your excitement and eagerness overcomes you.  So I got this new Mac Pro, and it's like any installation of anything new, there's all kinds of little things that aren't right.

Up to 10 minutes ago I'm still trying to get just tiny little preferences and stupid things that did not migrate over, set up to the way I like them, and it's still not totally finished and complete, which is okay, but it's distracting.  I ought to delay this stuff to the weekend, and I never do.  And it makes me mad at myself.  You ever get mad at yourself?  Yeah, Snerdley never does anything worth getting mad at himself over. 

Anyway, folks, I'm not complaining, I'm just telling you, I have no idea what I'm gonna talk about today because I've been so occupied with this stupid installation. I mean, it's not that I don't know what I'm gonna talk about, but I've forgotten everything that's in the Stack.  And I didn't have a chance to look at what's in the Stack so I'm actually just filling time here trying to wait 'til some idea comes to me.  I'm just kidding, folks.  I'm as prepared and ready as ever. 


RUSH:  All right.  Okay.  I knew this was gonna happen.  So I admit here that I am in the middle of an installation of a new Apple Mac Pro and I'm being inundated with e-mail, "Well, why don't you tell us about it? What is it like? Is it really fast?" Folks, let me just be as honest with you as I can here.  I haven't used it enough to be able to give you any kind of satisfying answers to your questions.  I haven't even copied massive file size. I haven't done anything with video yet, which is why the machine was actually made.  I'm just doing standard app behavior with mail and Safari, the web browser and a couple of other things. 

I don't notice it being any faster than my iMac was in opening apps.  It's a little faster opening Microsoft Word.  I have a 4K display, and I gotta warn you about something.  If you go out and get a 4K display, Apple is selling one made by Sharp, they do not have the right resolution set up for it.  And everything is either very small on the screen, or much too large such that app windows bleed over the edges.  They need to issue a software patch to get resolution back to normal which they haven't yet done with this.  I've got to assume something like that's coming. 

As far as the Retina type quality of the 4K display and text and so forth, it is awesome. I mean, it's superb.  The machine feels solid as it can be.  Don't misunderstand.  I just haven't used it enough to be able to give you any kind of a genuine assessment on how big a step up -- (interruption) what's that?  A full review on a tech blog.  Don't get me started.  The reviews I've seen on this thing are maddening.  I've seen reviews that say a MacBook Pro or an iMac are faster than a Mac Pro. 

By the way, the one I've got, I've got the one loaded. I've got the 12-core, 2.7 gigahertz chip, a processor, and some people are saying, "Well, that's not gonna be as fast as a four-core, six-core 3.7 gigahertz, for what you do."  It's not slower than anything.  If you've read that it's slower than an iMac or Mac, that's not true.  Now, how much faster it is, all that depends on the solid state drives that you're using and so many other things above and beyond the chip.  I'll tell you about it as I get into it, as I actually put it through its paces, which I really haven't done yet.  I just had a Sherlock Holmes type magnifying glass delivered so that I can read what's on the screen.

The French Know How to Do Scandals
RUSH: Why can't we have Obama running around on Michelle or some, good, old-fashioned, just... (interruption) What?  Don't go there?  Okay.  Well, look, it's just wishful thinking, just for the media. You know how the Drive-Bys love to have exciting things happening in the news. I mean, wouldn't that be a much better scandal than Christie and bridge lane closures, for crying out loud?  Now, this Hollande guy, he's not even married, and he's in a love-triangle scandal. 

See... (interruption) Well, he's been living with his girlfriend, Valerie Trierweiler, at the presidential palace.  In fact, he became secretly involved with his current girlfriend, Trierweiler, while living with his previous girlfriend, who is the mother of his four kids.  You keeping this straight?  This guy got elected president of France.  I mean, say what you will, but these socialists, in one sense of the word, know how to live. I mean, this guy's got a love triangle going on in the presidential palace.

FBI: No Criminal Charges in IRS Investigation
RUSH: The Wall Street Journal is reporting the FBI, as I just mentioned, has decided that it's not gonna be filing any criminal charges into their investigation of the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.  Not a surprise, right?  Especially since we just learned a few days ago that the lawyer in charge of the DOJ's investigation, a woman by the name of Barbara Kay Bosserman, is a big Obama donor and a big donor to the Democrat Party. 

She's the woman in charge of whether or not the IRS is going to be investigated, and we just learned that she visited the White House back in 2009 and spent seven hours there.  She has got intimate contact (not in the biblical sense, of course) with the White House.  She's in charge of all this, and she's decided there's nothing to see here.  Cleta Mitchell, who is an attorney representing a dozen of the Tea Party groups targeted by the IRS, says that not one of her clients has ever been contacted by the FBI during their investigation which supposedly began back in May. 

Now, this makes it sound like the FBI is investigating this Tea Party-IRS scandal with about the same level of scrutiny they investigated the Benghazi scandal.  Oh, and there's news on that.  It turns out now that Obama and the boys were aware real-time what was going on.  Their original statements about this have been blown to smithereens again.  Nothing's gonna come of that. 

New Benghazi Docs Emerge
RUSH: Now, this makes it sound like the FBI is investigating this Tea Party-IRS scandal with about the same level of scrutiny they investigated the Benghazi scandal.  Oh, and there's news on that.  It turns out now that Obama and the boys were aware real-time what was going on.  Their original statements about this have been blown to smithereens again.  Nothing's gonna come of that.

Independents are Just as Partisan as Partisans
RUSH: This is January 8th, so it's almost a week ago, six days ago.  Most political independents actually are not.  They are partisan as much as anybody else is.  They just don't want anybody to know it.  There is less controversy being an independent.  When you're an independent, people think you're open-minded. You're not an ideologue, and you make up your mind person by person, issue by issue.

These people are sophisticated enough to know if they're really conservative Republicans and they say that, they're gonna get beat up, laughed at, made fun of. They think. So they say they're independents.  But pure independents, according to Gallup -- real independents -- are actually in decline.  In the 1970s, there were twice as many genuine independents as there are today.  Independents are just as partisan as admitted partisans are.

Why is Bob Gates Surprised?
RUSH:  You know, I haven't weighed in on this Bob Gates thing much.  Just a couple things I said when his book came out.  But there have been some things said that I, El Rushbo, need to reply to.  Apparently Bob Gates, the former secretary of defense for both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, releases the book, and in the book he's openly critical of Obama, and he openly praises Obama.  He does both. 

originalI think he praises Obama on purpose to give himself credibility for the criticism of Obama.  But he's shocked, he says, at the reaction he's getting.  Now, what the heck?  You put out a book, and in your book you assert that you hear the president and Hillary Clinton saying that their opposition to the war in Iraq is totally political, and you're shocked that people react to that? 

And then in your book you say that the president really never was fully behind the Afghanistan strategy, never mind the fact that it was his war.  All during the Iraq war, Obama and the Democrats are saying, "This is a waste of time in Iraq! We need to be in Afghanistan.  That's where this all started."  Okay.  So Obama takes over, we're in Afghanistan, and he's halfhearted about it.

He doesn't really believe in it, yet he is committing American men and women to battle, risking their lives for something he doesn't believe in, and he's shocked that people are talking about that.  Then, one of the most popular reactions... Well, "popular."  One of the most frequent reactions I have seen in the left-wing media is, "Boy, what a disloyal guy this Gates guy is!  How disloyal.  I mean, how about biting the hand that feeds you? 

"Why would you dare? How could anybody say these things about our beloved president, Barack Obama?  At least we're gonna just wait until Obama's out of office before saying this. That just is so classless." The real reaction is, "Why didn't Bob Gates resign when all of this was going down?  Why did Bob Gates wait and reserve all of this for a book, the timing of which is such that there's nothing that could be done about any of it now?"

It's a new phenomenon.  We have journalists doing this.  They're embedded in campaigns, and they're not reporting, in real-time, on the things they're learning.  The real good stuff they're keeping for after the election for their own financial gain, rather than report what they have found that might impact the election results.  Now, we all know that they're not gonna do things that would harm a Democrat candidate.  I get that. 

But I just don't get this professed ignorance, "I don't know why people are attacking me, attacking my book."  The question is: Whatever happened to principle?  Okay, so your sensitivities are offended, your professionalism. You're very worried that we have a commander-in-chief who's not into it.  I think it's worth knowing at the time.  Maybe that's just me, but I think that's kind of worth knowing at the time. 

If you're so offended by it and so bothered by it, why not just resign in honor and explain why?  "Well, we don't want to upset things.  He was elected by the American people.  It would be disloyal to do that." Ah, rotgut.  As usual, the people of the country come last in all of these considerations and equations.  Remember last week I had a pithy profundity for you.  I said, "Have you ever noticed that in socialism the powerful become rich, and in capitalism the rich become powerful."

I can't tell you the number of people who said, "Wow, that's really something. I hadn't thought of it that way before."  I know.  That's why it's a profundity. 

Greedy College Presidents Rake in Money
RUSH: Well, here I have evidence with a little blurb from National Review: Speaking of that, "These days, it really pays to lead a 'nonprofit' university: An unprecedented 42 private-university presidents made more than $1 million in 2011.  Topping the list is Robert Zimmer, president of the University of Chicago, who raked in a whopping $3.36 million [in 2011].

"Even in the middle of a recession, with colleges slashing workers and cutting budgets all over the [fruited plain], pay for college presidents continues to rise. For instance, in 2009 and 2010, former Yale president Richard Levin laid off hundreds of low-paid workers, including dining-hall and maintenance staff, while pulling in annual compensation of $1.6 million." Now, these guys never get called on it.  Corporate CEOs get crucified for things like this. 

But college presidents -- good liberals, in charge of propagandizing and brainwashing America's youths -- are not a problem.  "These seven-figure salaries look obscene -- approved, as they very often are, by people the president himself has appointed to the university’s board of trustees."  So here we have, in socialism, the powerful getting rich, and we have mostly millionaire members of Congress sitting in DC all fat and rich, partying with each other and all these university presidents. 

The president himself is getting rich.  

AP: 4 of 5 Obamacare Enrollees Get Subsidy
RUSH: There's an AP story about Obamacare that has a statistic, and they downplay this.  It's at the end of the story.  Folks, we all know that this Obamacare thing is a disaster, and it's gonna get worse as the months go by.  As of now, of the people that have signed up -- and that's even a floating number that nobody really has a good handle on -- four out of five, every four out of five enrollees is getting a subsidy of one kind. There's no way that this can sustain itself.  It just can't.

What's Up with Hillary Portraying Women as Victims?
RUSH:  I got Paul from Indianapolis here, and I don't have time take his call, but what he wants to ask me is what's up here with Hillary on women as victims?  Where does that come from?  When everybody knows that we're chickifying the society, women are not victims.  I'll tell you what that is, Paul.  Democrats own single women and single mothers, and the whole thing is to continue to make those women think they are being victimized by Republicans and the country.  They're just lying to 'em.  And that's all it is. 


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