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What's that Thing on Your Desk, Rush?
RUSH:  A lot of Dittocammers are saying, "Hey, Rush, what is that big black ball that's in the lower-left hand corner of your gigantic computer display?"  That, my friends, is a microphone.  The new Mac Pro does not have a built-in microphone, does not have a built-in camera, and the Sharp 4K display (which is twice the resolution of high-definition) does not have a built-in microphone.  So I had to go out there and buy an external microphone.

I decided, "You know, microphones can be made the size of a grain of sand." The one on my cochlear implant here is the size of a grain of sand.  But I decided to get this thing 'cause it looks like it's a robot of some kind.  It's about 25 times bigger than it needs to be, but it looks good sitting next to the whole Mac Pro arrangement.  But that's all it is.  It's a microphone, so that I can dictate.  I don't type much anymore. I dictate on my iPhone and on the computer. 

But the $10,000 computer doesn't have a microphone on it so had to go out and get one.

Lilyhammer Comes Back for Third Season

RUSH: It was just weeks before the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer.  Speaking of Lillehammer, Snerdley, did you see that they were already had committed for a third season of Lilyhammer?  If you haven't seen it, folks, this is hilarious.  It's Steven Van Zandt, of Springsteen's E Street Band and Silvio Dante on The Sopranos.

It's exclusive to Netflix, an eight-episode miniseries. He's a crime figure, he's a mobster, and he turns state's evidence, and they send him into the Witness Protection Program, and he chooses Lillehammer because he liked watching it in the Olympics. So they send him to Lillehammer, and it's just so uproariously funny.  The people that live in Lillehammer are the stereotype of every touchy-feely liberal you have ever encountered, imagined, or seen.  They throw this guy into the mix, and he just can't help it.
He ends up corrupting everything he gets involved in, criminalizes it, and to watch it play out, it's just hilarious.  The first season was relatively popular, and the audience demanded another one, and they got it, and it was just posted on Netflix couple weeks ago, three weeks ago now.  The way Netflix does this, they post them all.  You can binge the whole season in one day, if you want.  They're gonna do that with House of Cards next month.

What is it, 10, 11 episodes? Whatever that is, it's House of Cards with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.  That goes up next. They just announced a third season of Lilyhammer.  It's just... You know, there's a movie with Robert De Niro and some people started movie called The Family, and it was about a mobster who gets relocated to Europe and spends time in various parts of France and other places with the New York mob trying to catch him, but it's not nearly as funny as Lilyhammer is.

So, anyway, just a little aside, a little plug for Lilyhammer on Netflix.

"You Got to Me" Officially Joins EIB Bumper Rotation
RUSH:  I forget the exact year, but it's the mid-sixties.  Snerdley doesn't believe he missed this back in its day.  It's in the Thank the Lord for the Night Time era.  This some of Neil Diamond's best stuff.  Quick, where's Neil Diamond from?  Brooklyn.

We Won't Mention This National Enquirer Story
RUSH: No, I'm not gonna mention what's in the National Enquirer.  Even though, you know, the National Enquirer was right about John Edwards, you remember that?  They had the story and the Drive-Bys wouldn't run it and a couple of other instances -- (interruption) No, TMZ won't run that.  No, no.  I'd be surprised.  E! Entertainment, no, no.  I'll tell you why, since you ask. 

Moochelle's got her 50th birthday coming up, and I just saw it.  They're running stories on how she stays looking 25 at age 50, and she said (imitating Moochelle), "Well, I eat right, and I behave right, and I eat right, and I'm not telling anybody else how to eat, except that I am. I'm not picky about it, I'm not freakish, but I only eat fruits and vegetables," and blah, blah. 

The media push right now is, how does Michelle do it?  So they're not gonna touch that story, and I'm not, either. No matter how much you try to manipulate me, no matter how much you try to Center for Science in the Public Interest me, I am not going to reference it.  Probably already has.  That's what I'm saying.  Probably already has.  I don't know.  I don't know anything.  I haven't even read it other than the headline. 


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