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Obama Mouths the Virtues of "Hard Work" (And You'll Never Guess What Got Michelle Robinson from Chicago Through Princeton)

RUSH: Barack Obama and the left are a group of people that think that the game is rigged because of capitalism.  The rich have all the money and they're never gonna share it, and no matter how hard you work, you don't get anywhere except the shaft.  That's what he really believes.  But he knows that most Americans do not want a country led by somebody who thinks like that. 

Media Declares Victory Over Christie

RUSH: After a week, maybe 10 days, of the Drive-Bys relentlessly hammering Christie on Bridgegate, they think they've done it now.  They've taken him from a dead heat to down 13 versus Hillary.  They think they've done it, folks. They think they have destroyed the only Republican who had even a slight chance of defeating Hillary. 

Obama Told Us What He Really Believes When He Said, "You Didn't Build That"

RUSH:  As usual, in the e-mail I have doubting Thomases and people who think they're challenging me, who think it's ridiculous to say that Obama does not believe that hard work is how you do it.  A bunch of e-mails: "Rush, do you realize how ridiculous you sound?  Everybody believes that. Of course he believes that."  I'm telling you, you know what Obama believes?  "You didn't build that." 


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