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Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Faked


RUSH: The Obamacare enrollment numbers are totally faked.  They don't know how many people have signed up.  They don't know how many people have paid.  The only thing they know is that four-out-of-five people that are in the system already are getting subsidies.  That's all they know.  Yet ever since before the holidays, the media has been bragging and talking about how the website's been fixed and people are signing up and like we got six million people have enrolled. 

We don't know that because nobody can prove it.  The numbers are fake.  Here's the latest on Obamacare from TheBlaze.com: "The White House has reportedly delayed another key provision of [Obamacare] -- one that prevents employers from providing better health care to top executives versus employees." Regular employees. That's been delayed.  So that means that employers can continue to provide executives with better health care than the rank-and-file employees get. 

There was an Obamacare provision that was supposed to change that.  But they're delaying it, and it's in the New York Times.  "Tax officials said they would not enforce the provision this year because they had yet to issue regulations for employers to follow."  Folks, this is an absolute disaster.  This thing needs to be repealed, it needs to be gotten rid of now.  It is... You know, the Republicans have a strategy and that is: Let it implode.

"Sit back, don't do anything, and let it implode because it will," and that's a variation of the argument, "Go ahead and let the Democrats win the presidency and let people find out just how much damage they do!"  Well, that hasn't worked out for us.  There has to be an alternative that we propose that people are for, that they support, even if it's nothing more than just repealing it -- which, right now, a majority of Americans want. 

The danger in saying we need an alternative is that the alternative, given today's Republicans, would be based on the current Obamacare template, or premise, which is with the government running it. "We'll just do it in a smarter, better way."  No.  Whatever happens, this thing needs to implode and be done away with, and the whole notion that the government is front and center in health care needs to be erased. 

If nothing's done about this and it continues to implement and become a law of the land entrenched this way, this is a recipe for authoritarian statists to turn this law into anything they want -- to hell with the Constitution, to hell with the law itself -- under the premise, "Well, we have to restore order to the chaos here. We've got to do something."  The only thing that is known is that the people who are signing up are the least desired demographic, and that would be the sick and the elderly. 

But we don't know how many. 

We know that four out of five are getting subsidies, but they're lying about the enrollment numbers.  It's an absolute disaster, and this is happening each and every day, and this Christie thing is allowing the media not to talk about any of these things. 



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