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Pearls of Wisdom

"Obama said Al-Qaeda is a JV unit. So the Al-Qaeda unit that did all the damage in Benghazi was the JV. Obama also said he would not let his son, Trayvon Martin, play football -- while watching football, apparently."

"So the lieutenant governor is blonde, and the mayor is brunette. Is that relevant in determining which one of 'em's telling the truth? I don't know. Just asking."

"Folks, there are 92 million Americans not working. The number of Americans in the labor force continues to shrink. The labor force participation rate is plummeting. There haven't been 44 months of job growth. There haven't been three months of job growth, because there isn't any job growth. But yet, Obama's sitting in the White House, and he's telling himself all this wonderful stuff is happening."

"Obama's living in his fantasy land where he's the greatest president ever, and it's just those bitter clingers. Bitter clinger pro-life racist pigs. That's the only reason why his approval numbers are plummeting."

"A spike in clean energy technology? There hasn't been any of that, folks, other than natural gas which is the result of fracking, which is creating more oil, despite Obama's efforts to stop it."

"Find some things that Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks has written, and you'll be amazed. I'm telling you, the guy is smart. He's really knows his business. He knows his craft. He has studied it. It'll shock you if what you saw of Richard Sherman last night is all you think Richard Sherman is."

"Why does the left all of a sudden hate it? Why does the left want to harm it? Why does the left want to persuade more and more people not to watch the NFL? I'll add just a third question for my own idle curiosity: Do the people that run the game, are they fully aware of what's happening out there in this regard, or are they not?"

"Everybody knows if a Republican governor would have said what Andrew Cuomo said, he would have been run out of town. But a Democrat governor says it, and it's perfectly fine. So that argument, 'Yeah, can you believe what would happen to...?' doesn't change anybody's mind."

"I still suggest that you find some things that Richard Sherman has written, and you'll be amazed. I'm telling you, the guy is smart. He's really knows his business. He knows his craft. He has studied it. "

"I was not making it up. The wood that Brad Pitt's group is using, 'cause they want to be environmentally sound, is rotting in New Orleans. I'm not happy to tell you about it. I'm just passing the information on."

"Opponents of the Redskins name will politicize the Martin Luther King holiday today by insisting that Dr. King would be fighting with them for a name change, were he alive, which I think is a crock. I think that is BS."

"Senator Patrick 'Leaky' Leahy, Senator Depends, was on Fox News Sunday yesterday with the host Chris Wallace, and you won't believe this. Senator Leahy is worried about 'the government' controlling the American people. Senator Patrick 'Leaky' Leahy apparently has finally found a level of authoritarian government which is too much."

"The wealthy, the rich, the achieved, ought to be the role models for everybody, particularly in an economic recovery.  They ought to be pointed to and highlighted and said, 'Do this,' to other people."


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