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Brad Pitt's Magic Wood Rots
RUSH: This a story from the New Orleans Advocate. "Actor Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, which has built 100 energy-efficient new homes in the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Lower 9th Ward, is considering legal action against the manufacturer of an innovative glass-infused wood that was used in some of the homes’ outdoor steps and front porches."

And the reason why the contemplated legal action is the wood has begun rotting, despite being guaranteed for 40 years.  You know, folks, the amount of fraud in all of these left-wing, do-gooder causes and areas is just too much to keep track of and to count.  Construction crews used the magnificent new, man, save global warming, save the planet, really great stuff called TimberSIL. 

"Construction crews used the wood product, called TimberSIL, to build decks and stairs for about 30 homes from 2008 to 2010, said Taylor Royle, the Make It Right spokeswoman. TimberSIL is described in promotional materials provided by its South Carolina-based manufacturer as offering 'an effective barrier in lumber to rot, decay and common wood problems without using toxic ingredients.'"

See?  They came up with magic.  They came up with materials that were going to save the wood from ever rotting, and it was going to save the environment, and it was going to save the climate and it wasn't going to cause any environmental damage.  These leftists are some of the ripest targets for fraud, and so this is a made-to-order industry.  You got all these do-gooder leftists who are demanding all of these brand-new products that don't do any damage to the environment, which is all crock anyway.  So here come these guys with their magic new products and they sell it to these eager beaver environmentalist wackos, and it's just fraudulent stuff. 

"Make It Right, known for its homes’ eye-catching designs and 'green' building features such as solar panels and rainwater collectors, was interested in an alternative to conventional treated lumber, which 'usually uses chemicals,' Royle said." Ew, chemicals.   "'In trying to be sustainable and green, we didn’t want to use decking lumber that had chemicals in it,' she said."

So a manufacturer said, "Hey, we got just the thing for you.  We got some wood here that's been treated with our own special product.  It ain't never gonna rot on you. It ain't never gonna stink. It ain't never gonna lose its color. It ain't never gonna lose its strength." They make it with glass and so forth.  Anyway, the bottom line is: "The absence of chemicals in the TimberSIL wood meant it could be 'mulched and composted at the end of its life cycle,' she said."

So it's really good, 'cause then you can turn it into compost and mulch after it's served its time as a deck.  But now I'm sad to report, "decks and steps that were built as recently as three years ago are showing signs of rot, with the wood taking on a dark gray tinge. 'It was unable to withstand moisture, which obviously is a big problem in New Orleans,' Royle said. It’s unclear whether the material has gained widespread use in Louisiana or elsewhere across the country. Several local home builders and other local nonprofit executives said they hadn’t heard of it."

No big surprise there.  The only customers are these left-wing dupes.  It just really irritates me, the assumption that everything now that works that is cost efficient has to be environmentally damaging, has to be itself fraudulent. Yeah, so we need an alternative. They put out a request for an alternative and here come the charlatans, satisfying your every need. 

Harvey Weinstein May Have Stepped in It
RUSH: It's just possible that Harvey Weinstein may have stepped in it, and I will tell you why.  Harvey Weinstein said he's gonna do a movie with Meryl Streep in it that's gonna make the NRA wish it had never been born, and this drew some appropriate responses.  "Hey, Harvey, Pulp Fiction.  Hey, Harvey, you can't make a movie without bullets flying and people dying and blood and gore everywhere. You can't make a movie that doesn't glorify violence."

Harvey said, "You know what? They have a point.  I am going to stop making movies that glorify gun violence." But wait, but wait.  I thought movies didn't do that!  Harvey Weinstein may have just stepped in it. I doubt it, 'cause he'll be covered for, but he may have just stepped in it, at least in the minds of independent critical thinkers, by accidentally swerving into acknowledging that violence in film can in fact influence people who watch film.

Because Harvey Weinstein's saying that Hollywood's glorification of guns has changed the way millions of people behave.  He's saying it affects the way they think.  He says it's negative, and if you read between the lines, Weinstein's saying here that Hollywood's movies have led to untold numbers of gun crimes and murders, and he's not gonna be a party to it anymore.  Now, as I say, it's gonna require critical, independent thinkers to understand what he's done here, 'cause it's gonna be covered up for. 

But you let a Sandy Hook Elementary thing happen, and anybody who says, "Well, what movies was the kid watching?" They say, "This doesn't matter.  Those things don't matter. I mean, if movies influence, everybody would be shooting people."  It's immediately discounted as a theory to explain behavior.  Now, here comes Harvey, "You know what?  I'm gonna stop glorifying that 'cause it does have influence." 

Uh-oh.  Uh-oh.  Uh-oh.  Uh-oh. 

In a real and sane world, it would matter. 

In our make-believe world with our make-believe president, it's as though he didn't even say it. 

Last Gasp: MLK Would Want Redskins to Change Name
RUSH: Speaking of the National Football League, opponents of the Redskins name will politicize the Martin Luther King holiday today by insisting that Dr. King would be fighting with them for a name change, were he alive, which I think is a crock.  I think that is BS. 

There is no way that these people would know this.  They're making it up. The bottom line is, this is something that's petered out.  It's one of these things. The Redskins were supposed to have changed their name by now.  This is the last gasp.  They gave it everything they had.  That doesn't mean they're through.  They'll keep trying.  But I think this is one of the failures that the left has experienced.  Nothing's written about it that way, nothing is talked about it, 'cause the left (of course) in the media never fails. 

But this was supposed to be a slam dunk, as far as they were concerned.  All they had to do was start huffing and puffing and make a little commotion about it, but the owner of the Redskins ignored it. Everybody involved in the Redskins ignored it. They're not gonna change the name.  So this is a last gasp.  "Well, Dr. King, he would have opposed it." Dr. King had far more important things to be concerned about than this.


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