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Who are the Precious Independents?

RUSH: I think one of the biggest, most successful political tricks in the world that the Democrats have succeeded in running against the Republicans is convincing them that you do not win any election, particularly a presidential election, unless you win a majority of independents.

What Made America Exceptional?

RUSH: This is one of the fundamental reasons why the United States became what it became.  This acknowledgement that we are all endowed by our Creator -- that would be God-d -- with certain inalienable rights, among them, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

Liberals Fret Over Obama, Swimming Up the River of History

RUSH:  Do you ever remember these clown Democrats concerned that George Bush never had enough time, never had enough power?  I don't. I don't remember that.  I'm trying to now envision Obama swimming the rapids, the river of history, and I'm saying, "I'm hoping for a dry bed, or maybe a fork in the river, or maybe a dam in the river."  Yeah.  The River, The Rock, and The Tree.  Famous inaugural poem by Maya Angelou. 


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