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Pearls of Wisdom

"Government does not expand liberty. Not here. Government does not expand freedom. Government chips away at it, by definition."

"When you assume as an individual that everything is illegal until somebody makes it legal, you are essentially denying -- whether you know it or not -- the basic tenets of freedom as you are born."

"The crack-smoking mayor of Toronto's approval numbers are higher than Obama's. I guess voters will reward crack smoking more than choom gang members. Who knows."

"Obama has to perform anger over Obamacare in order to relate to people, because as far as he's concerned, it's actually working."

"There are a lot of ticked-off Republicans who've left the party and are now registering as independents. This is their way of registering a disagreement protest. They have no desire to be identified with current Republican establishment, so they're re-registering as independents."

"In the United States, we as citizens presume that everything is legal until a law is written making it illegal. It's something that we're taught, but it's also something that we just assume. So important is freedom to us, and so adequately, precisely defined and spelled out in our founding documents, all men are created equal, endowed by their creator. So we're born free, we are born yearning to be free. That's the natural spirit, the natural human spirit, and we just assume everything's legal until there's a law saying it isn't."

"I think our future hinges on how the people of our country view freedom, and if more and more of them adopt the European attitude, which is... See, they get the order wrong here. If they assume that everything is illegal until a government or a Congress or a law comes along and makes it legal, then what is their starting point? Their starting point is, they have no freedom."

"In Wolf Blitzer's worldview the Republicans have to prove they are not X: Racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, mean, extreme, partisan. The Democrats don't have to prove anything because they are ideal."

"A story from the French News Agency: 202 million people globally are unemployed. I don't know on what basis that's decided, because there are billions and billions and billions of people, but we'll just accept the number: 202 million people globally are unemployed. Well 92 million, almost half of them, are in the United States."

"I think one of the biggest, most successful political tricks in the world that the Democrats have succeeded in running against the Republicans is convincing them that you do not win any election, particularly a presidential election, unless you win a majority of independents."

"Any explanation of American exceptionalism has to include the preamble of the Declaration of Independence. And again, American exceptionalism does not mean superior or better. It means why we are the exception to the way most human beings have lived and have been governed."

"In Wolf Blitzer's worldview the Republicans have to prove they are not X: Racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, mean, extreme, partisan. The Democrats don't have to prove anything because they are ideal. The Democrats are not perfect, but they're not racist, they're not mean, they're not sexist, they're not bigoted, they're not homophobic, they're none of that. Republicans are all of that, and they have to prove that they're not."

"Why is Obama having to fake anger? Because he's not really mad. Why isn't he really mad? Because he doesn't care."

"The country would be far better off if more people actually lived the way the top 20% do, if they actually worked like the top 20%. Instead, the top 20%, top 10%, top 1%, they are maligned, criticized, ridiculed, impugned, and instead they ought to be held out and up as the role models."


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