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Study: Modern Mothers are Lazy
RUSH: There's news from the Mayo Clinic today, science news.  They have concluded at the Mayo Clinic that modern mothers are lazier than mothers in the past, and the headline of this is:  "Science Doesn't Lie - Modern Mothers Are Lazier."  Energy expenditure has decreased by nine to 21 hours a week, as modern mothers are getting bigger, as in obesity bigger.  They're expending less and less energy in the task, the daily routine, the job, if you will, of motherhood. 

Goodell: NFL Might Do Away with Extra Point
RUSH: The NFL, Roger Goodell admits they're thinking of doing away with the extra point.  And the main thing they've gotta figure out, if they do that, that's a TV time-out they're gonna lose, so they've gotta figure out how to recapture -- and they will -- the money they're going to lose by doing away with the extra point. 

Gallup Analysis of Obama Approval
RUSH: Gallup has an interesting story today.  Obama's job approval in five years has never been positive.  Obama has never had positive job approval after the honeymoon of his first year.  In other words, Obama's job approval has never been north of 50%, after the honeymoon period, the stimulus and all of that. 

Patrick Kennedy: Obama is Wrong on Pot
RUSH: Did you see what Patrick Kennedy said?  Patrick Kennedy, former member of Congress, Patrick Kennedy says that President Obama is wrong about the dangers of marijuana, saying that the drug today isn't like what Obama smoked in his choom gang days.  You know, Obama was a big doper, and he wrote about it.  He was in the choom gang. They would sit in cars, close the windows, and go to town with their weed. 

And Obama said the other day in this New Yorker interview that alcohol, much, much worse than marijuana, much, much worse.  This is the same interview where he said he wouldn't let his son, Trayvon Martin, play football, while, by the way, he was watching a football game.  And Patrick Kennedy said, now, wait a minute, Mr. President, you may not know, but marijuana today, the pot that's out there today, it's much worse than alcohol.  He said, "I think the president needs to speak to his NIH director in charge of drug abuse."

It turns out, by the way, that this guy also has gone public saying that Obama really doesn't know what he's talking about here.  So Patrick Kennedy is saying that pot has become much worse than alcohol, it's a much different drug than when the president smoked it.  And there it is.  It's right here in Politico.  We're talking about the president of the United States.  Pretty soon it's gonna be common no matter who we elect, but still it's relatively a new thing.  Patrick Kennedy (paraphrasing), "Hey, this is much, much worse than the drug the president smoked in his youth." 

He said, "I think the president's NIH director in charge of drug abuse would tell the president that, in fact, today’s modern, genetically modified marijuana, so it’s much higher THC levels, far surpass the marijuana that the president acknowledges smoking when he was a young person." And Patrick Kennedy said that government research shows that marijuana is harmful. 

Well, you know, this is another potential illustration of what we're talking about.  Okay, so government research shows that marijuana's harmful.  Yet two states have just made it perfectly fine to engage in it recreationally, Colorado and Washington.  Ironically, the two states from which hail the two Super Bowl teams.  So how do you justify that?  Government research shows that marijuana is harmful, and yet two state governments said, "Hey, have at it, go to it, doobies, perfectly fine.  If you want to engage in recreational use, have at it.  Patrick Kennedy, he's wrong when he says it isn't very harmful because the new dope is not the old dope.  We need to have presidential decisions made based upon public health and the sound science that the federal government has invested in." 

This is probably one of those areas where some people think the federal government is all wet. When the federal government comes out running health care, they'd probably buy everything, when they start saying marijuana is dangerous, you have people disagreeing with it.  But Patrick Kennedy said that if the president believes that alcohol is more dangerous, he should be concerned about legalizing and commercializing marijuana because we don't want another Big Tobacco or Big Alcohol. 

Anti-Smoking Nazis Go After E-Cigs
RUSH: Have you seen the latest, that there are many more carcinogens in marijuana than in tobacco.  And the same anti-smoking Nazis, which are now invading the e-cigarette -- I had a piece yesterday.  I didn't get to it.  Some young guy. some 24, 25-year-old guy posted a blog piece complaining about his wife, but basically complaining about his lack of freedom, that he can't smoke an e-cigarette in the house. He has to go outside just because his wife doesn't like the way it looks.  He tried to tell her, "But, honey, it's just water vapor, and it smells good." 

She didn't care.  She wasn't gonna permit it.  It didn't look good.  It looked too much like a real cigarette, it made her uncomfortable, so he had to go outside.  He must have written 700, maybe a thousand words, about this.  And he ended up caving.  He ended up acquiescing.  So he takes his e-cigs outside.  They're totally harmless to bystanders.  They may be totally harmless to users.  But they're certainly totally harmless to bystanders.  I used to smoke the damn things. 

I was over at the Big Island, Hawaii, and after a round of golf I went to the bar.  I'll tell you where it was.  It was the Four Seasons hotel over there.  We played their golf course and went to the bar, which is standard operating procedure after a round, and I'm standing there and I got an e-cig going.  Some executive, manager of the bar, the hotel comes up, "Mr. Limbaugh, I hate to tell you but, you know, we serve food and smoking cigarettes is not permitted." 

"It's not a cigarette." 

"It isn't?" 

"No, no, it's an e-cig," I said.  "In fact, this one's cherry flavored."  I said, "Here."  I vaped and I blew it in his face, and it smelled good. 

"Oh, okay, no problem." 

He came back about 10 minutes later and said, "Mr. Limbaugh, it would really be easier if you'd just refrain." 

I said, "Why?" 

"Well, there's a couple of diners complaining that they don't like the way it looks.  It's a bad image for young people."

I looked around, "I don't see any young people."  This is not a place where people bring their kids.  I said, "I don't see any." 


I said, "Who is this?" 

"Well, I'm not gonna --"

So I started scouting around and it didn't take me long.  I could see who it was.  You could just tell.  But I didn't put it in my pocket.  I said, "This is not harming that woman.  She can't smell it.  It's not a cigarette. There's no flame. There's no fire. There's no carcinogen. There's no tobacco. Nothing here that can harm her.  And heck if I'm gonna let some PC babe --" and the guy was really good about it, and I turned around so my back was to this particular woman.  I mean, I didn't flaunt it. 

Rob Ford Approval Higher Than Obama
RUSH: The Independent Journal Review is reporting that this mayor in Toronto, Rob Ford, the guy who smoked crack one night at a party. He said he got drunk and smoked crack and didn't know it. He hung in there. They wanted to get rid of this guy. They tried to get rid of this guy. They made fun of this guy.  They laughed at this guy.  They were all over this guy to quit, and his approval numbers are back up to 47% in Toronto.  His approval numbers are higher than Obama's.  The crack-smoking mayor of Toronto's numbers are higher than Obama's, and it says here that the reason why is "his response to the December ice storm seems to have to have thawed his approval rating." 

It seems the people of Toronto are very happy with the way the mayor dealt with the ice storm up there.  And so they didn't care that he was smoking crack while getting drunk one night.  The fact that he dealt with the ice storm and kept everything moving, great guy, as far as they're concerned.  Now, Obama's favorability in the InvestorsBusiness.com/TIPP poll is down to 38%, that's down five points from 43% November. He's nine points behind the crack smoking mayor of Toronto.  I guess voters will reward crack smoking more than choom gang members.  Who knows. 

The Vegan Carl Lewis Accuses Christie
RUSH: By the way, have you heard about Carl Lewis, the great Olympian?  He's gay, he's black... I think he's gay.  I think so.  Regardless, Carl Lewis, nine-time Olympic gold medalist... Maybe I'm confusing him with somebody.  You shoulda seen the wide-eyed looks I got.  So maybe I'm confusing him with somebody.  It doesn't matter. (interruption) Okay, it was alleged, and there were rumors going around. It was never confirmed.  Okay, so I withdraw it.  It doesn't matter to me. 

Here's the what matters. "Nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dropped a plan to appoint him [Carl Lewis] the state's first physical fitness ambassador when he launched a political campaign against a Christie friend. Lewis said Monday the governor called to dissuade him from running as a Democrat for state Senate in 2011 against Republican Sen. Dawn Addiego.

"Lewis says he was told the fitness program they'd been developing wouldn't materialize if he ran. Lewis says the governor felt the post 'was a carrot he could pull away.' ...  Lewis withdrew from the Senate race after a court ruled he didn't meet a residency requirement. He now lives in Houston." So he couldn't run anyway, which is ironic given that he's Carl Lewis.  "What do you mean, he can't run?  Of course he can run!"  Just not for office. 

But notice that this is not much of an article.  It appears to be solely based on the word of Carl Lewis. So Christie's in a little trouble here, and here comes Carl Lewis saying (summarized), "Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, the governor tried to dissuade me from running for office, and he was gonna make me the physical fitness director of the state then threatened to pull it away."  So it's the pile-on time, it's pile-on time. 


RUSH: Carl Lewis.  I said I thought he was gay.  He's vegan.  That's why I was getting confused. He's a vegan, and no, I'm not equating the two.  Besides, there's nothing wrong with it anyway, right? 

Millennials Unhappy with Obama
RUSH:  Michael Barone has a piece today at the Washington Examiner:  "Millennials Unhappy With Obama's War on the Young."

Hacker Cracks Obamacare Website in Four Minutes
RUSH: "Hacking Expert Claims That He Cracked HealthCare.gov in Four Minutes."  Yeah, the Regime is out there telling all these high-tech young people, "Hey, man, it's secure. You can feel safe. You can log on, you can sign up, you become a practicing member of Obamacare," and a hacker went out there and he cracked it in four minutes, meaning he's a "white hat" hacker, meaning he was able to collect user information for a whole bunch of people that have enrolled.  I guarantee you young, healthy people are gonna see things like a white hat hacker was able to crack it in four minutes and they're not gonna go anywhere near it. 


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