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Morning Update: Going Postal?

In Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California, you can take care of your post office business at dozens of Staples stores. The pilot program makes it easier for people to buy stamps, send packages, and access priority and certified mail without going to a post office. Staples employees transact the business.

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Early Forecast Predicts Storm for Super Bowl Weekend... Cuccinelli: Christie Should Step Down from RGA... Wendy Davis: Typical Democrat... NFL Commish Wants to Eliminate Extra Point, But Keep the Commercial Break...

Bipartisanship Didn't Help Bob McDonnell

RUSH:  The purpose here is to create the image or to further the image that's already been created that Republicans are corrupt... Let's keep in mind, by the way, too -- this is very important to point out -- that while in office, the conservative, McDonnell, did his best to be bipartisan and to reach across the aisle, and we see all the good that it did him.  

The Sherman Psychoanalysis Continues

RUSH: Have you ever been in the midst of a personal rivalry with a bully or somebody who's not your friend? It's at work or whatever and a moment came where you finally vanquish them, and it's for all the marbles. You probably would be jumping for joy yourself, and if somebody threw a microphone in your face at that moment, you might have some things to say about the bully that you've been holding in.

Plowgate: De Blasio Punishes the People

RUSH: The rich on the Upper East Side are claiming that de Blasio's not plowing their streets to get even with them for being rich...  So is this kind of like what Christie did, or is alleged to have done, de Blasio punishing his political opponents by not plowing the streets where they live?  I'm wondering. Will there be an investigation of this, hmm?

What Makes the State of Colorado Qualified to Teach You About Marriage?

RUSH: If people blindly accept this, they're accepting the premise that they ultimately are not in control of their lives and that they ultimately don't know what's best for them, that they can't do anything, including getting married, unless it's taught, sanctioned, and approved sanctioned by a higher authority.  I think it's just flat-out ridiculous, and it's the blind acceptance of this that permits other kinds of control to be handed out on people, even from entities that are not connected to government. 


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