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Early Forecast Predicts Storm for Super Bowl Weekend
RUSH: The long-range forecast for the Super Bowl is, for that weekend, this from Accuweather.com, a major storm system moving into the Tri-State Region.  They don't yet know if it's gonna hit on a Sunday or a Saturday, maybe Monday, and they don't know if it's gonna be rain or snow.  So basically they don't know.  The Accuweather.com wild guess, long range, they're putting it out there that something big, something major could be coming on a day where, have you seen pictures of MetLife Stadium?

You know, this is amazing.  This would be the time to be getting the stadium ready. I assume the field's already painted and covered.  But other things are going on in there and the snow cover is obviously delaying them.  People are asking, "Are you going to the Super Bowl?"  No way.  When I read what it's gonna take to get into the place, over half the parking spaces are being removed from public use so that they create a perimeter around the stadium security-wise.  So it's mass transit, and mass transit is not me, folks. (interruption) Yes, I would.  What do you mean, I wouldn't have to go through? I'm as an ordinary a guy as anybody else would.  There's no escaping that.  (interruption) No, the limos don't drop you off. I would not get an escort into the place, no way, Jose. 

Anyway, something about hump day reminded me of that 'cause it's just 10 days away, is all it is, and now a major blizzard. And here it is,

Cuccinelli: Christie Should Step Down from RGA
RUSH: Ken Cuccinelli. Ken Cuccinelli, who Christie would not go to Virginia and help and would not endorse in his race for the governorship of Virginia, has said that he thinks that Christie should step down now as the chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

Wendy Davis: Typical Democrat
RUSH: This Wendy Davis woman... Frankly, I probably shouldn't say this.  That whole story bores me to tears, but I will endeavor...


Why does it bore me to tears?  I don't really know.  I guess...


Well, I guess here's the thing.  To me, there's nothing remarkable about it.  So? She's a Democrat. She made up story. She lied about people, about her biography, lied about her life. What's new about that? That's exactly what Democrats do, and yet I'm watching all these people say, "Oh, my God, we've got her in the crosshairs now!" Well, for Christ's sake, point me to a Democrat that doesn't do what Wendy Davis is doing.  They could all be gone after on that score, but they're not for whatever reason. 

NFL Commish Wants to Eliminate Extra Point, But Keep the Commercial Break
RUSH:  Speaking of football, you see the commish wants to eliminate the extra point? That means they're gonna have to figure out a way to replace the TV commercials they will lose in that spot break.  That'll be the only problem they've got.


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