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It's Me Again! Obama Says I'm His Problem

RUSH: Obama can't advance his agenda, because Boehner is afraid to move too close to Obama because I have made you -- along with Fox News has made you -- think Obama is something that he isn't.  And it's such a shame.  I have so distorted who the real Obama is in your mind, that it is paralyzing our government. 

Parsing the Latest Polling Data

RUSH:  I think it needs to be pointed out, it's not as if the American people disagree with Obama because they don't like him.  On the contrary, at least according to this poll, they find Obama likable despite the fact that they disagree with his policy issues. And, despite the fawning and misleading coverage by his PR team (the Drive-By Media), they still think he's a so-so president.  It's fascinating to me.

We've Introduced Safari Push Notifications

RUSH: It's just another way for us to maintain personal, direct contact with you, the audience, by sending you a push notification of something.  You might not be listening.  You might be busy working, but you'll get the notification on your computer that something just happened here, and you can click on it and see what you missed.  It's a fascinating thing.