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One Model Predicts Major Super Bowl Storm
RUSH:  No, no.  The long-range forecast for New York for the Super Bowl weekend, we're just now getting into the 10-day forecast range for some of the weather department wild guessers, and most of them are saying -- we got forecasts up to Friday or Saturday of Super Bowl weekend, which is Sunday, of course, and they're forecasting sunshine 32 for daytime high.  There is one weather forecasting outfit that says they have a model that is showing potential serious weather Super Bowl weekend in New York. 

Most of the forecasts, normal winter day, 16 overnight, the night before game, 32 for the high on Sunday. And, of course, the game's at night so it would be in the twenties.  That's long range.  Except there's this one model out there that is suggesting there could be a major storm.  So that's what everybody's looking at.  No, I'm not going.  I have other plans.  I will not be in New Jersey or New York for this Super Bowl. 

What Did Justin Bieber Do to Anybody?
RUSH: Okay. This Justin Bieber thing. Okay, so what happened? He's driving drunk with, what, marijuana, cocaine or some such thing. I mean, it's all over the news, Justin Bieber. It's even headlined at Drudge, "Save Me." What is he, 19, 20 years old? You would think this guy has sicked the IRS on people. You would think that Justin Bieber has been running the economy into the ground. Has he? He has not!

Did Justin Bieber commit fraud to seize one-sixth of the US economy? Has the guy taken over the health care industry? Did Justin Bieber lie to you about being able to keep your doctor and your insurance plan? Did Justin Bieber promise you that your back insurance premium would come down $2500? Did Justin Bieber take doctors away from kid cancer patients? Has Justin Bieber made basic health care unaffordable?

Has Justin Bieber ignored millions of Americans because they're no longer in the job market because of Justin Bieber's policies? He didn't even run his car off the road and let his girlfriend-not-wife drown. As far as I know, everybody survived the car crash. You can't say that about some others that have been in politics. Did Justin Bieber leave an embassy totally unprotected, under attack by Al-Qaeda?

No, he didn't. But the coverage we're getting on Justin Bieber suggests that he's a very powerful, very important human being who is really screwing things up for us. Is Justin Bieber the reason the Captain and Tennille are getting divorced? No. Did you know that? Do you believe that? Stunning. Justin Bieber is all over the news. He hasn't done anything to anybody.

No More Muskrat Love for Captain & Tennille
RUSH: The Captain and Tennille are 73 and 71 years old respectively or the other way around.  I wonder how much Muskrat Love has been going on there.  Stunning, folks.

Aetna Could be Forced Out of Obamacare
RUSH: Did you see this?  Aetna insurance could be forced out of Obamacare, according to their CEO, Mark Bertolini.  The CEO of Aetna, "told CNBC on Wednesday that Obamacare has failed to attract the uninsured."  Is that not a surprise?  It's failed to attract the uninsured, and "he offered a scenario in which the insurance company could be forced to pull out of program," or increase their premiums by double digits.  It's due to the pool of people who are signing up for Obamacare being mostly the elderly and the sick.  Aetna has already dropped out of several state exchanges.  

The CEO, Mr. Bertolini, also said that Obamacare has only shifted people who already have insurance on to the exchanges, where they can get a subsidy, raising the costs to everybody else.  Then he noted that only 11% of those who have signed up for Obamacare were actually uninsured.  Only 11% were uninsured.  So it isn't making much of a dent in the uninsured population.  Now, remember, the reason these insurance companies -- and say what you want about 'em, I mean, it's easy to dump on 'em.  I did. 

See, here's the scenario for me.  You got Barack Obama in the White House and the Democrat Party, and we know who they are.  We know that they have a grudge, a big grudge against capitalist entities.  We know by listening to him talk that he doesn't like insurance companies, that he thinks insurance companies are ripping people off.  He thinks every company rips people off.  So here comes Barack Obama, and he's going to take over health care.  It seems to me that if I ran an insurance company, 'cause I know who these people are, I would know that what the ultimate endgame here is the elimination of my company.  I would have known that that's what Obama's intention is, to take over what I'm doing, to replace me.  He doesn't like me.  

So what did Obama do?  He comes along, and in order to get their support, in order to get public support he promises them all these brand-new customers.  Obamacare is gonna make you rich because it's gonna bring all these uninsured into the system.  It doesn't matter that they can't pay for it; it will be paid for by others.  And all of this is gonna reduce the deficit somehow magically.  So the insurance companies, maybe even realizing long term that they were fini, said, "Well, short term, we better take advantage of this as best we can, and we got all these millions of new customers."  What's the number of uninsured, 30 million?  40 million?  Brand-new customers.  

What Mr. Bertolini is saying here is there aren't any new customers.  The reason we signed up for this ain't happening.  The promise of all of these new customers buying health insurance is not occurring, because the uninsured aren't signing up.  So it isn't making much of a dent in the uninsured population, which was the reason they did it.  And Bertolini said that Obamacare needs to be simpler, and needs to offer more choices, but in reality it's moving in the opposite direction.  

So here's this guy from Aetna saying, you know what, without expanding our customer base, without the uninsured showing up and signing up, we may not be able to stay in business.  Hello, Obamacare.  (interruption) Can the Regime put Bertolini in jail?  Well, I imagine if Bertolini did a video that ticked off Arabs in the Middle East, maybe they could put him in jail, but I don't think he's done -- you mean, put him in jail for speaking out like this?  

Well, I mean, he is taking a pretty big risk here.  He's out there saying, you know, we got duped. I mean, we were told we're gonna have all these new customers if we went along with Obama and Obamacare, but, uh, there aren't any.  We just got people transferring, people that are already covered transferring out of us and to the exchanges.  So we're losing twice.  We're losing customers and we're not getting any new ones.  

And, I know, I know, there's a portion that want to go: "Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, we knew this, why didn't you know?"  Folks, look, I don't say this trying to sound like I'm smarter than everybody else.  I'm being dead serious.  There are insurance companies that got hoodwinked and I don't understand how they did.  These are smart people.  Why did they not get what was happening here?  I guess... You know what it is?  I know what. The lure of being close to power, being associated with the president of the United States in a plan to "fix" health care. 

It's gotta be a big upper if you look at it that way. (interruption) Well, there might be some fear, too, on the part of some of them.  Well, the bankers and the subprime mortgages: "You better make these loans available ... or else."  There could have some fear, but I think in this case the lure of being so close to power, it's just seductive as it can be.  

We Must Do Something About the EPA
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we have to do something about the EPA. Our old buddy Pethokoukis said that that Wall Street guy said 37% unemployment is full of it, don't believe it. Just saying. Now, Pethokoukis also posted this: "John Beale, a former senior adviser and official at the Environmental Protection Agency -- and phony CIA agent -- was sentenced last month to 32 months in prison for bilking his employer out of nearly $900,000 in unearned pay and bonuses. A deposition transcript released [Wednesday] by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee shows Beale was a man of big dreams at the EPA, too...

"Here is Beale talking about a major project he wanted to work on," and basically this guy Beale wanted to "modify the DNA of the capitalist system." Beale said, "There were several phases of this project as we had outlined it. There's an enormous boy of literature on the subject. Sometimes it's referred to sustainability literature, sometimes it's referred to green economics. And so phase 1 of the project was for me to become very familiar and transversant with that literature.

"Phase 2 would have been out and interviewing academic experts, business experts, people in other countries that are doing things. ... And then phase 3 would have been coming up with specific proposals that could be -- could have been proposed either legislatively or things which could have been done administratively [i.e. executive orders] to kind of modify the DNA of the capitalist system." Beale wrote, "It's not a God-given system that was created once and never changes. It changes all the time."

The upshot here is that this guy at the EPA was assigned to find a way to undermine capitalism, not legislatively, not with the vote of the people's representatives, but simply administrative, with just another issuance of regulations. In other words, the EPA is or was (probably is) strategizing on how to undermine the capitalist system -- and if any of you are out there saying, "Gosh, I wonder, does Obama know about this?" I'm gonna spank you.

Pethokoukis on Unemployment
RUSH: Old buddy Jim Pethokoukis heard about that Wall Street analyst saying that the real unemployment number is 37%, and Pethokoukis says this guy is full of it. No way, no how. He said the guy doesn't offer any data; it's just crazy. There's no way the labor market's that bad. He doesn't offer an alternative to what it might be, other than U-6, which is around 11.5%, as opposed to 6.7%.

By the way, the Wall Street guy said that there are 37% "not working." He didn't say the unemployment rate is 37%. Now, you may think this is splitting hairs, but he said 37% are not working. He's talking about all the people that don't work, period -- including the unemployed, including those who can't work, including the retired, including those on welfare. So his point was, of 100% of the population, about 37% are not working.

Feds Subpoena Christie Campaign
RUSH: Breaking news from Fox: "Federal prosecutors have sent subpoenas to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s reelection campaign and a state GOP committee amid allegations his aides created traffic jams as political payback." Federal subpoenas!


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