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First Lady Asks for $10 Donations to Protect Obamacare ... Silly Sexist Story on Erin Andrews ... Sports Media Gets Bored with Richard Sherman ... Opera Singer Can't Sing Without Farting ... Shopping Carts Pose Danger to Kids ...

Let's Make the White House Correspondents Dinner an Awards Show

RUSH: As I've always said, politics is show biz for the ugly, and their Academy Awards is the White House Correspondents Dinner every May in the grand ballroom at the Hilton hotel.  I think they ought to take a page from the Grammys and the Academy Awards and the People's Choice awards and the Golden Globes and totally change the format of the White House Correspondents Dinner. 

Scott Walker's Unnoticed Revolution

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, for three days last week I told you the amazing story of Scott Walker, governor Wisconsin and the rebirth and revitalization of his state, a blue state, with conservatism.  Conservative economic policy has revitalized that state.  The upshot of it is that there's a near $1 billion budget surplus that he is returning to the taxpayers in the form of income property tax cuts...  Now, we know why the left-wing media's not gonna report it.  This is anathema to them.  But it has finally made it outside this program. 

The Liberals Hate Football

RUSH:  Mr. Snerdley has asked me a question:  "What is 'hypermasculinity,' as it is used by Steve Almond in describing war and football?"  You know, it's fascinating to me. The liberals, it turns out, do hate football.  It apparently has been latent, and this push in the last two years has brought them to the surface. 


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