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First Lady Asks for $10 Donations to Protect Obamacare

RUSH:  Off to a rousing start, we are here at the EIB Network. Michelle Obama.  Get this now.  Michelle Obama wants $10 donations to help protect Obamacare  $10 donations.  I wonder if you could use your food stamp card for that.


RUSH:  I was not teasing.  I was not kidding.  I was not making this up.  Right here it is in the Washington Examiner.  "First lady Michelle Obama is seeking $10 donations to protect Obamacare, her husband's troubled health insurance system... Just one day before he gives the annual State of the [Coup] Address, the first lady sent out a fundraising email to supporters hoping to use the speech to prompt donations to help Democrats in the midterm elections this fall."

She wrote, "So before Barack gives his State of the Union address tomorrow, chip in $10 or more and help protect Obamacare." Now, never mind the fact that it is bankrupting the country.  Never mind being the fact that it is causing people's health expenses, both treatment and insurance, to skyrocket.  It's not enough, and now the program is hanging by a thread, they want you to believe, because of the Republicans.  So they need you to send $10 "to help protect Obamacare."  That just says it all. (interruption) It's a fundraiser where you have to eat first before you show up to it

Silly Sexist Story on Erin Andrews
RUSH: There's a piece here at a website called Sports on Earth, and it's written by Gwen Knapp.  It's about Erin Andrews, the Fox Sports sideline infobabe, and it asks the question: Is she just too pretty to be taken seriously?  "As soon as Richard Sherman ranted into the Fox microphone held by Erin Andrews last week, blame was due to come her way. The criticism would be absurdly stereotypical, almost as it was for Sherman. He'd heard the blunt thug. She would be implicitly tagged a bimbo."

Somebody help me out. (interruption) Wait a second.  What is that?  Somebody is using a copper EIB microphone.  Look at that on Fox.  We have the exclusive of the Golden EIB Microphone.  That looks like it's not actually gold, but it's made to look like, isn't it?  (interruption) Don't tell me that. (interruption)  It's silver; it's just the lighting?  (interruption) No way.  No way.  In fact, it's this exact microphone.  Well, not quite this exact.  Damn close, though.  But it does look like an EV.  You know, it's just incredible. 

Well, anyway, have you heard anybody complaining about Erin Andrews in this whole Richard Sherman thing?  I haven't.  So where is this coming from?  Here.  "Andrews' beauty has always made her a suspicious character, so much so that it's impossible for many people to judge her work fairly. When Kevin Harlan of CBS Sports had time to think about the Sherman frenzy, he decided it was partly, and maybe entirely, Andrews' fault. He called her reaction 'drama queenish' and suggested she may have provoked Sherman."

Well, that's not... If anything, she looked a little taken aback -- I think just shy of scared.  But professionally scared, not personally threatened scared but professionally scared, thinking, "Uh-oh, I've got an out-of-control circumstance here.  What do I do?" She didn't take it any other way, and then Kevin Harlan "clarified what he meant to say: 'Nobody's demanding beauty and sexiness from, say, Chris Berman or Joe Buck or Stuart Scott.

"Yet it seems that -- bottom line -- women with sex appeal have an inside track over women with fantastic knowledge and poise but, say, a belly.'" Oh, man, here we go.  Undeniable Truth of Life No. 24, here it is. Kevin Harlan is complaining that it's the attractive "bimbos" that get the gigs and that there are substantive but fat women -- that's what "with a belly" means -- are not getting the gigs, and it's not fair. 

So we're back to inequality here, folks, again. Inequality. 

This is one of these things. You've got the attractive versus the ugly, and the ugly are being discriminated against because they are ugly, apparently.

Silly season it is. 

Sports Media Gets Bored with Richard Sherman
RUSH: The New York Daily News today, back page cover, it's a picture of cornerback Richard Sherman, Seahawks.  The headline:  "The Mouth That Bored."  Sherman had a press conference after the Seahawks arrived, and he acted like an adult, and the media is depressed.  The media is disappointed, let down, and bored, 'cause Sherman didn't give 'em what they wanted.  I'll never forget, I watched some awards show, and there was no political controversy, the F-bomb didn't drop, and the media the next day wrote about what a boring show.  It might have been the MTV awards. 

So the media is not helping, folks, in our quest to reclaim our culture.  The media's begging for cultural depravity to report on and to be entertained by.  So Sherman comes out, he's very responsible, respectful toward the Broncos, respectful of his opportunity, honest about the task that lay ahead, and it's a yawner, ho-hum.  Well, Richard, it was fun while it lasted, but you're worthless to us now.  You better get back to being a thug, or we're not gonna have any interest in you. 

Opera Singer Can't Sing Without Farting
RUSH: There's an opera singer out there named Amy Herbst, and she "is suing after surgery that took place while she was giving birth left her with chronic flatulence. Ms Herbst, who previously performed with the Nashville Opera Company, says she is now unable to work as a professional singer. The complication arose after she was given an episiotomy during childbirth."

You people know what episiotomy is.  Rio Linda, you may not.  What happens is, let's see, it's a procedure, a complication arose after the tissue -- (interruption) Well, yeah, I guess you could say it's between the two openings is what happened, and it's cut to help with the delivery of the baby.  The tear was repaired but when the opera singer returned to the hospital for a follow-up visit she complained that she could feel gas.  Well, she could feel gastrointestinal gas coming out of the other opening.  And she was experiencing difficulty controlling bowel movements.  So essentially she is unable to sing without flatulence.  Every time she sings, she expels gas out there.  Well, I don't know if it's a baritone, extra baritone voice, I don't know what frequency it is.  There's no news on that. 

"A nurse found that the tear had not healed properly leaving the mezzo-soprano with a 'complete breakdown of the episiotomy and perineum,'" and the external sphincter is disrupted and the vagina and the rectum -- this is a mess.  Basically it's a mess out there, and what happens is that she farts when she sings.  We're not talking about makeup.  This would be horrible.  Can you imagine singing La Traviata?  Can you imagine singing La Boheme, Puccini, and (making fart sound).  I don't care whether there's a mic.  It's still disruptive.  She knows that it's happening.  If she's singing a duet, the other person knows. 

"She has now filed a lawsuit, which states: 'As a result of her incontinence and excessive flatulence, Herbst has been unable to work as a professional opera singer.'"  That would be horrible. 

Shopping Carts Pose Danger to Kids
RUSH: Yahoo News.  Now, Yahoo News is where the bulk of the nation's low-information voters go to get their news.  It just is.  Don't ask me to explain why; it just is. Do you know what one of the lead stories at Yahoo News is today? "Parents Beware: Shopping Carts Send 66 Kids to the Emergency Room Every Day -- Lest you think the worst supermarket threat to your kids lurks in the soda aisle, a new study has found that perhaps the scariest hazard of all is your shopping cart.

"The classic basket on wheels is responsible for an average of 24,000 childhood emergency-room injuries a year -- that’s 66 a day -- with the rate of cart-related concussions on the upswing," cart-related concussions, "according to the findings published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics in December but announced with fanfare on Tuesday." Classic, classic liberalism. (sobbing) "Oh, my God, we're killing our kids with shopping carts! Oh, my God! What are we doing to our children?

"Shopping carts are concussing our children! (sobs)  Sixty-six are in the emergency room every day!" It's a wonder children survive trips in the shopping cart and the supermarket.  This is... I'm not sure I even believe this, but this is this Big Brother protectionism.  Incumbent in this story is you're not capable of taking care of your kid when you go to the supermarket.  The supermarket doesn't care about your kid, and the manufacturers of the shopping carts don't care about your kid. 

As a result, since nobody cares about your kid, these evil capitalist enterprises are doing things resulting in your kids being injured at the supermarket -- and you need the Consumer Product Safety Commission or some other bureaucracy to come in and punish them, and you need them to protect you and your kids because you're too stupid to know how to use a shopping cart correctly!  You're too stupid to know the right way and the wrong way to put your little crumb cruncher in the shopping cart. 


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