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Pearls of Wisdom

"Promises made by an energetic and enthusiastic man sound so good. Snake oil needs a good salesman, and that's what Obama was last night."

"For the first time in 25 years I never felt more distant from my government than last night. Watching that State of the Coup speech, practically every aspect of it, I felt like that's not us. That's a whole different mind-set, a whole different existence, it's not us. I felt a huge disconnect."

"This was a campaign speech without an election. It was pure denial."

"I'll tell you, without that speech last night, the State of the Coup, I would never have known how good things are. It really struck me. Did you hear the president? I mean, if you watched it and you were from Mars, you would think that this country has never had a stronger economy."

"We don't want you to preach to us about a hoax that is not real -- global warming. We don't want to open the borders and have an inflow of illegal immigrants because you need campaign contributions or because you need new registered voters. We want to secure the borders! We want to protect the country! We want to make sure that whoever immigrates actually assimilates into the American culture. We don't want a Balkanized country."

"I really did not want to watch that last night, and it's the first time in the 25 years I've been doing this show I did not want to watch it. Honestly, folks, for the first time. I did, I did out of a sense of duty, but I didn't want to."

"Obama was enthusiastic as he could be. It was just all phony. It was contrived energy. But the stuff that he was talking about last night are things that he has rejected philosophically, that he doesn't really believe in."

"I'm gonna have a lot of people probably disagree with me on this. But that speech last night, to me, was an indication that Obama and the Democrats know (again) that they cannot be honest and sell their beliefs. They have to sound like people they are not. They have to sound like they believe things that they do not believe."

"Why are 50 million people on food stamps, Mr. President? Twenty million more people on food stamps than when you were inaugurated. Why, if the economy is growing so rapidly and if job creation is so momentous, why do we need emergency unemployment extensions? Why are 92 million Americans on the sidelines? If we've got such a robust, roaring economy, and the job market is racing back to normal, why are 92 million Americans not in it?"

"I think there's been a fundamental shift in who the independents are. I think the independents of today are, in many cases (and maybe a majority now), former Republicans who are fed up. They're actually conservatives who feel disconnected from the Republican Party as it's defined by the establishment."

"I have a definite view of limited government, but I don't want to be disconnected from it. I don't want to feel estranged from it. I don't like this ruling class, country class stuff, but it's true, it exists."

"The vast majority of leftists believe that hard work is a sucker's play, and they will say, 'Look at the middle class! They've been working for 30 years and haven't been gaining any ground. They've been working hard! Look at our union buddies. They work and work and work, and who's getting the money? The Wall Street fat cats,' in their view."

"I can't recall a time where I've felt more distant, further away from the people leading the country than I do today, and I don't like it."

"Pay people not to work and they're not gonna work. Obama promised he wants to pay people. He wants to continue to pay people not to work. That got a standing ovation."

"A nameless, faceless analyst somewhere at a stockbrokerage firm you may never have heard of can simply say, based on absolutely nothing, that he expects Apple to sell 55 million phones, and that becomes the media expectation. That becomes the standard against which Apple's gonna be measured."

"I'll tell you how we can survive the next three years tomorrow, I will. Promise."


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